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10 Reasons Why You Should Marry A Girl Who Is Intelligent Rather Than Beautiful

10 Reasons Why You Should Marry A Girl Who Is Intelligent Rather Than Beautiful RVCJ Media


10 Reasons Why You Should Marry A Girl Who Is Intelligent Rather Than Beautiful

They say, ‘Marriages are made in heaven’. We, on earth, nonetheless, have to do our bit to find the perfect match. The girl who makes our lives easier and happier. That special one who gets us beaming even when going gets extremely tough. So, Lo and Behold! When it comes to finding that girl, you got to be extremely level-headed and choose the one who is intelligent rather than rich or beautiful. Here’s why.

1. Richness/beauty might fade but Intelligence always radiates

Okay, agreed she is rich/beautiful today but what about tomorrow? On the other hand, once an intelligent girl always an intelligent girl.


2. Intelligence is something passed down genetically

It goes unsaid that an intelligent girl would have intelligent kids. Wish I could say the same for someone rich/beautiful.


3. She can help you with your office work

Are your jittery about finishing your report? Chill! Your intelligent wife can very well come to your rescue.


4. When confused, you can turn to her

Okay so, you are at crossroads. Don’t fret! Your wife with her profound knowledge will advise you right and not get panicky to make matters worse.


5. Can read between the lines

Has a movie left you all baffled and robbed you of your sleep? Your brainy wife can assure you a good night’s sleep by giving you a blow-by-blow account of the movie.


6. Your children don’t have to take tutions

Well, when intelligent mom is at home, why should anyone go to Rome? 


7. Get popular

Be it your annual office party or something else, your partner with her wisdom and wit can always keep you in the limelight.


8. Good company

Important guests dropped by in your absence? Take a chill pill! Your spouse is gonna do a fab job and entertain your guests quite gracefully.


9. When at work, focus solely at work

Juggling between your office work and choosing the best holiday package for the next vacation? Don’t stress it out! Let her take charge of things and be sure of getting the best deal on offer.


10. Financial manager

Too tied-up to manage your finances judiciously? Well, allow her to take command of the ship as she, with her sound judgment, would sail you all through.


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