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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Scared Of The Ladies Coach In Delhi Metro


10 Reasons Why You Should Be Scared Of The Ladies Coach In Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro has definitely proved to be the most amazing means of transport…. hasn’t it ? Even still, there are a few things you need to be keep in mind before ‘boarding that train home’, especially if you’re travelling in the ‘Ladies Coach !!!

1) All these Women, are Ready to Kill ! –

Apparently, having a seat is the most essential thing in this world.

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2) No Touching No Touching –

If, god forbid, you stepped on someone’s foot, or brushed by their elbow, you’ll get the stare of a lifetime.

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3) They Hate Men –

Let’s be clear on this… men SHALL NOT enter this coach, or they die.

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4) Appearances Deceive –

To be honest, there is never anything ‘ladylike’ about the ‘ladies’ in this coach

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5) Life is a Race –

There is no line, there are no rules… it’s the modern ‘Hunger Games’! For these ladies, life is a race… and they WILL WIN.

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6) Its not only men –

If you think, that ‘only men’ will stare you down, every time you wear that neckline, you’re wrong! These ladies just L-O-V-E to stare.

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7) Bitch-Judge-Please –

There is no place better to be judged, than in a train coach filled with all kinds of pretentious women, who can go ‘gaga’ over your style.

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8) Forever Tired –

These women, would have always worked more than you, would always be more tired than you, and would always deserve a god damn seat!

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9) They can Trip… You Can’t –

They can stumble and fall on you, step on your feet, break your phone… but you’ll still smile.

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10) They Run the World –

This track should probably play in this coach, twenty-four seven… because these women, really do!

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