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10 Reasons Why Men Should Not Shave Their Beard

10 Reasons Why Men Should Not Shave Their Beard RVCJ Media


10 Reasons Why Men Should Not Shave Their Beard

The time is gone when clean shaved men were preferred and liked by girls. This is the era of beard which has gradually been a cult and all the top actors are adopting it. Beard is the new style; it makes you hot, bold and sexy.

Below are the 10 reasons why men should not shave their beard…

1. Beards keep them warm in winters.

Papa Abhishek Bachchan too busy for daughter Aaradhya

2. It protects skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, acnes, folliculitis and other skin related issues caused by shaving.


3. Beards give manly personality, making a guy look more sexually appealing than ever.


4. It’s the latest trend and easily captures the attention of all and sundry even in a crowd.


5. It diminishes the ‘baby’ look, giving a perfect appearance as per your age.

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6. No matter, what era you belong to; beards have always been in fashion from the time of Kings and Lords.


7. Since you get a masculine appeal, it becomes easy to watch Adult movies; no one will stop you from entering theaters.


8. Girls always prefer men to boys, so chances are more to have a girlfriend with ease.


9. You look more stylish because this is the current fashion and most actors have adopted it.


10. You appear sophisticated, grave, somber yet extremely romantic and seductive.


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