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10 Reasons Why Tomboy’s Make The Best GF’s Ever.


10 Reasons Why Tomboy’s Make The Best GF’s Ever.

I mean it’s cool to be in a relationship but what if you are in a relationship that is the best of both the sides! You can have your guy fun and still cuddle and sleep. What if you have a partner who is goofy and responsible and patient with you? What if you have a partner who is your friend first and your gf later? What if you have that awesome person in your life? All these qualities are summed up and cooked chemically to make one awesome tomboy gf; here is list why you need them in your life.

1. No mean girls drama.

I mean the chic flicks are fine to watch but living in one, no way! Tomboys have the best qualities of men and women and have the ability to rock the world with no DRAMA.

2. Fart jokes.

She will never eww on a fart joke. Even while eating. She might take it as a challenge and come with even a dirtier or louder or smellier version of it.

3. Eat anything in sight.

You don’t have to worry her to take her to fancy restaurants that are vegan or gluten free. She will hog momos and gol-gappas as there is no tomorrow.

4. Less time to get ready, yes even than you.

Say no 3 hours of watching her getting ready, she will probably change out of her jammies to jeans and wear a bra if she feels fancy. And still get ready before you.

5. Can rock a saree too. * drools *

That occasional streak when her womanhood rises and she drapes herself in a saree or a pretty black dress. I’m sure you won’t be able to take your eyes off her.

6. Not afraid to break a nail or anyone’s bone.

Won’t take crap from anyone and will always fight for her and you. Probably already has a bat or hockey stick kept inside her car or behind the front door.

7. Drowned with Guy friends.

Most comfortable with other guys and until and unless reminded of she being there, you’ll all realize that she is just another dude.

8. No shopping or “why didn’t you reply to my texts.” tantrums.

As I said no drama whatsoever, won’t bother you with 100 calls a day as she will be probably sleeping. Also no shopping sprees. She will rock the world in her favorite tee that she stole from you.

9. Understanding and lovable.

Will always be there with you, giving you advice on life and helping you make plans on how to kill your boss. Would also make a killer tea when your mood is off.

10. Your friends will fall in love with her too.

Your friends will probably start liking her more because she is more funny and easy to hang out with. She will be the new family at hand.
You might know what it to be with them and if you don’t, don’t let the next girl run by you. She will change your life for sure.

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