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These 10 Reasons Will Compel You To Watch ‘FAN’ On The First Day Itself

These 10 Reasons Will Compel You To Watch 'FAN' On The First Day Itself RVCJ Media

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These 10 Reasons Will Compel You To Watch ‘FAN’ On The First Day Itself

Indian are so sentimental when it comes to their Cine-maa! And, more when the King is starring in it… It is just 2 days that the trailer of Shahrukh Khan next biggie “FAN” has released and it has already made all his fans go berserk.
The trailer has ignited everybody and people are actually speculating it be a huge hit, thanks to SRK returning into a No-Nonsense movie… Everybody have been waiting to see SRK in sans nonsense role, especially after Chennai Express and the disastrous Happy New Year. His last outing “Dilwale” also could not manage to cross Bajirao Mastani collection, it was clear message, audience are looking for quality and not just the stars!

So, here we are quite sure with the fact FAN is going to be really huge… & it will compel you to watch the movie on 15th April itself.

1. Because it stars the KING _ SHAHRUKH KHAN

Well, what other big reason do you need to watch the movie…. Naam hi kaafi hai.. this dialogue was well coined for the king only..


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2. Double Dhamaka of SRK

Not only will you see SRK as a star but also as a fan… It’s a double whammy for all his followers… Basically, it is SRK VS SRK in the movie!


3. Shahrukh Khan & the ‘Darr’ character relives!!

After playing the psychotic lover in Darr and winning accolades for the negativity. And, now after so many years that both the audience and SRK will relive that grey shade. Only difference is it was obsessed lover and now an obsessed fan of a star!
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4. Shahrukh Khan in negative character

After 23 years. Shahrukh Khan will be playing a character where he has to don the cap of a negative pratognist. His character in Darr still sends chill down the spine, so audience is definitely in roll to see how the superstar acts after playing lover boy for over a decade.


5. The movie stars NO HEROINE

Indian cinema for a while has been casting star actresses in big budget movie with no substantial role to play, rather just an eye candy. So, it finally seems sensible to drop the hatchet and put the best effort into getting the story right! So, don’t be disappointed if you can’t se lady in chiffon saree!

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6. No “King of Romance” Act

Despite the fact that there are two ladies in the movie but none of them are the heroines! Which means, no romance on screen! YES, SRK won’t open his arms and shout I LOVE KIRAN! Be happy the movie seems more sensible now! And, SRK will be in a different avatar all together.

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7. First Indian Movie to be shot in Madame Tussauds, London!

Yes, not only the movie was shot in exotic location of Croatia and London. And back home at Mumbai & Delhi. Few portion of the movie has been shot at Madame Tussauds, London making the cut of being first ever movie to be shot there!


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8. A movie with no Songs!

Yes, the movie is short, crisp and engaging, and thus no songs have been included! YEAH, this is on a serious note, the audience will see the thrill of the movie without any Bollywood number breaking in between! Although, as the tradition goes there is one Anthem song for the movie which by now everybody might have listened! Jabra Fan


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9. A Cult movie

After delivering movies like Chennai Express, Happy New Year and Dilwale… People were basically bored of the fact that all the movie seemed to be drawn on similar lines.. But thankfully FAN seems like a breath of fresh air..

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10. First Blockbuster of 2016

This is the first Khan release of 2016.., the trade horses are as usual running very fast and speculating it big the biggest first blockbuster of 2016….


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Haven’t your excitement level crossed all limits by now!
Where art thou FAN!

Pour in your love at the comment box below!

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