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10 Romantic & Exciting Things Couples Should Do During Their Honeymoon To Make It Unforgettable


10 Romantic & Exciting Things Couples Should Do During Their Honeymoon To Make It Unforgettable

There is no denying the fact that marriage is a very important event of a couple’s life but there is one more event which is as important as marriage. We are talking about honeymoon, first time when a couple goes on vacation together after marriage. Needless to say, this is the golden phase when they get to know each other better and can enjoy the best time of their marital life.

Here are 10 activities in which a couple should indulge for not only making their honeymoon exciting but for also strengthening their relation:

1) Enjoy a romantic sunrise together

Getting up early in the morning may sound unromantic but sunrises are beautiful and watching it together can help a couple in bonding together. It also gives a feeling of making a lovely new start as marriage is called the beginning of a new phase of life.

2) Know each other’s choices

A couple should be aware of each other’s choices! Why not make a start by knowing your partner’s food preferences? Surprise your partner by ordering the food of her or his choice. Pleasant surprises will bring your partner close to you! Do try it.

3) Live your fantasy

This is the time when you are with your partner, away from your family and home, so you have the choice to do things which you can’t do at home. Talk to each other about fantasies and try to live them.

4) Visit a spa together

Enjoying couple’s spa during your honeymoon will give pleasant experience and even though you might have many more couple spas afterward, this will be the most memorable of all. It not only offers you great relaxation but also fills you with refreshing energy for more fun in the honeymoon.

5) Be adventurous

Try bike riding, horse riding, river rafting or other adventurous activities, as thrill increases excitement and makes moments more enjoyable for the couple.

6) Enjoy your intimate moments

You will spend many vacations together in the future as well but this is the most special one, so indulge in intimacy and enjoy every moment.

7) Click your partner

Surprise your partner by clicking her when she doesn’t expect to, for example while laughing, eating, etc. Believe us, these photos will bring a smile at your face even after several years of marriage.

8) Indulge in weird activities

This is a special trip of your life so enjoy it; do what your heart says, no matter how weird it is, such as having pillow fights or throwing flowers at each other.

9) Have lingerie moments  

What will be more exciting for a man than seeing her wife in different lingerie every day? Get one piece of lingerie for each day and you will have more romantic and hot moments together.

10) Reading a romantic book together

Why not read a romantic book together before indulging in intimate activities? It will definitely increase the fun and bring the couple together.

Have more points to add to the list? Share with us.

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