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10 Science Facts That Were Proven Wrong

10 Science Facts That Were Proven Wrong RVCJ Media


10 Science Facts That Were Proven Wrong

Sometime we believe rumours as facts and sometime there are facts which are taught to us from early age, but as the science improved those “facts” has been proven wrong by the scientists. These are the 10 science facts that were proven wrong.

1. Five Senses

Most of the people believe that we have five senses, but its not true. According to scientists, we have up to 20 senses including thermoception and equilibrioception which are from temperature and balance respectively.

2. Humans use 10% of brain

Well you thought humans use only 10% of their brain right and guess what they can use if they’ll be able to use 100% of brain right? Wrong! Although a small amount of neurons firing at a time but all others are also playing their role somewhere else.

3. No swimming for 30 minutes after you eat

Now you can swim whenever you want, no matter you just ate or not. Although swimming after drinking alcohol is a different case.

4. 8 glasses of water a day

Many people believe that we should drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. But its not at all true, the amount of water one should drink depend on your environment, your activities throughout the day, your body size and other variables.

5. Bulls are driven mad by red

Yes, this one is also not true. Bulls don’t run towards a matador’s cape because it’s red, they don’t even see it as red its another shade of gray for them. The taunting of matador’s and the waving of flag drive the bull crazy.

6. Bats are blind

Although most of the bats species use sound waves to find their way around but bats are not actually blind and they all have working eyes. Many bats even depend on their night vision rather than sound waves.

7. Sunflowers follow the sun

Sunflowers don’t follow the sun in the sky but point East during the whole day. Before the famous flower heads appear, though, the baby buds follow the sun to set the soon-to-be flowers in the right direction. They follow the sun only when they are small for right direction.

8. Blood in our veins is blue

Those school diagrams just show our vein blood blue for clarity, otherwise the blood returning to our heart through our veins is actually darker red. The blue color of our blood in veins come from the light hitting our skin.

9. Tongue has specific taste zones

10 Science Facts That Were Proven Wrong RVCJ Media
Our tongue does not have different taste zones for the flavors. Actually all the zones of our tongue can sense all the different flavors.

10. Lightning doesn’t strike twice at same place

Well Lighting can and do strike at same place twice or more than that. Lighting’s aim is to find the fastest path to the ground, that’s why tall building, trees are its favorite.

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