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10 Signs You Are Addicted To Your Laptop

10 Signs You Are Addicted To Your Laptop RVCJ Media


10 Signs You Are Addicted To Your Laptop

Some have girlfriends, some have boyfriends, and some have internet. With great internet, comes great potential to download, and for that, one requires a laptop. Laptops are thus, a necessity for survival. Here we list the 10 signs that only a laptop addict can relate to.

 1. You are all territorial about your laptop.


Nobody gets to as much as touch it, its YOUR laptop. And so,

 2. You have sophisticated log in mechanism.


Your laptop demands a password, facial recognition and blood sample to authenticate.

 3. Your laptop is charged to perfection.


It is also equipped with spare chargers and at-least 2 power cords.

 4. You accessorize your laptop.

Laptop skins, sleeves and bags are your guilt pleasure. You have one for every occasion.

 5. You experience OCD with the folder arrangement.


You have sitcoms, music, images, study material and *ahem* System32FilesDoNotOpen * ahem* all arranged in perfect hierarchical order. If you exercise this much order in life, you will be the next billionaire.

 6. Your firmware is regularly updated.


With perfect anti malware and anti virus measures. Your OS game is on point. You are awed by bug fixes that make your laptop smoother.

 7. People consult you before buying a new laptop.


You know laptop configurations better than you know yourself. Everything is at the tip of your tongue. You are the guru.

 8. You disrespect people who don’t treat laptops right.


How can they NOT wipe that teeny tiny smudge away? Doesn’t it bother them, that tiny scratch on the keypad? Oh the horror of a slightly loose case! UGH!

 9. You carry your laptop pretty much everywhere.


You are found in cafes and canteens, scrolling away to glory. As a result, you wear anti glares that make you seem mysteriously nerdy and geeky.

 10. You are obviously, reading this on your laptop.


If not, then its getting charged for 3 hours of happiness.

You should get a life, really. But first, tag your laptop addict friend. Or share kar yaar!

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