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10 Signs That You Are A Bathroom Lover.

10 Signs That You Are A Bathroom Lover.


10 Signs That You Are A Bathroom Lover.

Bathroom is the most peaceful place of all. Nobody! Even your mom doesn’t know the things that you do in your bathroom. Thus, this article will show you few signs to prove that you are a Bathroom lover.

1. Without even looking here and there, you quickly enter your bathroom as soon as you get up.

But, that not all….. You also be there for at least 1 hour and get the screams of all family member. “Tu itni der bathroom me karta kya hai?” This can get even worse if you just have a singe bathroom in the house and all the members are working. Gosh! Let others also enter your dream world.
giphy (3)

2. Getting late? A bathroom lover can afford to miss his breakfast, but not the ‘bathroom time’.

They can never do a compromise on the time spent in bathroom. No matter what! Bhale hi lecture kyon na miss ho jaaye, 7.40 ki local kyon na chali jaaye….
giphy (7)

3. Getting inside the bathroom is shutting from the entire world and nobody exists in your life….no matter what!

You also tend to be yourself and thus a different person who lies a lot, who does bleaching, who loves to make faces……..
giphy (6)

4. You love your own bathroom in the house and hate when you have to use someone else’s or even when they want to use yours.

You have your own private things like magazines, face packs, ointments, etc which you don’t want others to see.

5. “Dimaag ki batti jal jaati hai”. Some bathroom lovers also get awesome ideas and their problem solution while sitting on the commode.


6. You love spending hours taking shower without doing just anything. Also this makes them feel like a Bollywood star taking shower or getting wet in the rain. “Khayali pulav”

giphy (4)

7. You have all the reasons to shower like being sad, happy, angry, got wet in the rain, sweaty weather, etc……

giphy (1)

8. They lover staring for hours in the bathroom mirror and have hundred thoughts in their mind. I think this is a rejuvenating technique for them.

giphy (2)

9. Bathroom lovers do what they dream of in this area.

They act if love acting, they sing if want to be a singer or dance if they like dancing. It’s your own world buddy!

10. Some also have a habit to click horrible bathroom selfies that of course they will never show anyone.

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