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10 Signs That He is Cheating On You!!!

10 Signs That He is Cheating On You!!! RVCJ Media


10 Signs That He is Cheating On You!!!

So you are in a relationship. Its going great. Until your boyfriend starts behaving weird. You are not sure if its all just in your head, or something is really happening.

Here are the signs when your guy is cheating on you.

 1. He is a guy.


Isn’t that enough reason to know he is cheating on you? Did you ever see a guy who doesn’t like talking to other girls? He talks to other XX chromosomes often. We are sure something is cooking between him and Priya.

 2. His phone is engaged.

guy on phone

He is totally cheating on you. There is no other explanation, this is it. Because nobody can be 3 AM pillow talk philosophers right? Or may be his mom was really missing him? Or his pet cat died! But hey, if his phone is engaged at 3 AM and your call is on waiting, she is definitely cheating on you.

 3. He cancelled your date second time this year.


You had plans to go watch PK in the weekend. It was planned almost when Aamir Khan and team planned the movie. But no. He had to cancel the date, again. Is he kidding or what? There is definitely something going on. Get the Sherlock Holmes to work.

 4. He often is busy

busyg uy

So he has a full time job. Or his final exam is in next two hours? When you call, he has to receive and talk. We don’t care, okay? Its never about busy, its always about priorities.

 5. He forgot the important anniversary


How could he ever forget the day when you cooked for him for the first time? Or your first golgappa date? Damn, even the first time you both took a cab? He remembers your birthday, your anniversary alright. But this? We can’t even! He is so cheating on you.

 6. He hasn’t introduced you to his friends yet


Its been 14 days you guys are dating, and Ashish, his 8th grade ex-bestie who currently lives in California, doesn’t know about you yet. Isn’t it a sure shot way to know you are being cheated upon? Commitment starts with introducing you to family and fixing shaadi dates.

 7. He doesn’t listen to you


So you are incredibly jealous and become a raging psychopath every time he makes a new female friend and doesn’t tell you. You sometimes wonder if he is secretly gay. I mean,he has so many guy friends too? May be he is bisexual? But when you complain about this, he never listens to you. Your impossible insecurities are so difficult to deal with, apparently. He just doesn’t ever listen to you.

 8. He watches p0rn


Studies say guys who watch a lot of p0rn are likely to cheat. We don’t know the basis of the studies, but we know studies don’t lie. He is cheating on you.

 9. He’s an engineer


We all know what real engineering is. If he is helping her with circuits, staying out late ‘coding’, hello, cheater.

 10. He’s not an engineer

guy liquo

Non-engineers have so much more options to lie and cheat – they don’t design circuits, they don’t use lathe machines, they don’t do engineering. So yea with time and liquor in hand, he is cheating on you.

Girls can never trust boys and they think that her boy is always cheating on her. However it’s not true and just a perception. Above silly reasons says it all!!!…

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