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10 Signs You Are Your Favorite


10 Signs You Are Your Favorite

The fact that you clicked on this link, huh! 😉 You are your best friend, your ally and your, well, favorite. The world can fight its self esteem issues and vulnerabilities, you’ll continue to adore yourself. You have mephobia – fear of being so awesome that the human race can’t handle you and everyone dies.  😛

So here we list ten signs that SCREAM that you are your favorite.

 1. You are self confident.


You don’t need anybody telling you that you are awesome. When people say things like, “You are awesome!” “You look great!”, you say “I know!”.

 2. You love your me time.


Curling up with a book, or your solo long drives, or just a movie and lunch date with you, you look forward to it. To you, its precious me time and you never feel lonely.

 3. You love the mirror.


And the person you see there. You are radiant, good looking and, well, awesome. You have occasionally blown kisses to yourself.

 4. You know your tastes.



What you like, what you dislike and your preferences are known to you. You know yourself well 🙂

 5. You aren’t hard on yourself.


You don’t beat yourself down for your mistakes, your self-criticism is also loving. You don’t treat yourself bad.

 6. Your decisions are yours.


You decisions are always, absolutely yours. You take suggestions and opinions, but don’t let them affect your perspective negatively.

 7. Your happiness is within you.


You know how to turn around a bad day. You are your own bestie and that, helps you deal with your turmoils better.

 8. You love pampering yourself.


Spa days, new clothes, gadgets anything! You love spending on yourself and don’t feel guilty about it.

 9. You let go off negativity.

let it go

Be it relationships, emotions or habits, you have a way of letting all the bs go. You know the power of optimism.

 10. You are always yourself.

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Even if that means you have to lose the wrong people. You’ll not change yourself for anybody else.

So while you nod your head and smile at every pointer, share the post and let the world know that you love yourself.

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