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10 Signs Your Girlfriend is Too Jealous

10 Signs Your Girlfriend is Too Jealous RVCJ Media


10 Signs Your Girlfriend is Too Jealous

Jealousy is a love-hate emotion. While a little of it is cute, even helpful for the relationship to flourish, throw in a little more and you have yourself a green eyed monster who doubts everything :O So how to spot extreme jealousy in your girlfriend? Here are the top ten signs 😉

1. Your interaction with any other XX chromosome makes her snappy


From your best-friend to your boss, she HATES it and shows passive aggression every time you interact with any other female figure. Waat lagegi bhai!

2. Accusation


So you smiled and patted on your female best-friend’s back, she got a well deserved promotion. The moment she notices this, your girlfriend accuses of flirting with the said best-friend. Boy, aren’t you so in trouble?

3. She ALWAYS wants you around


Never out of her sight – at parties, at friend’s shaadi and at restaurants. You shall not be given any time with any other female, let alone a bunch of them. Your girlfriend will have a camera installed on you, if possible. She wants to be involved in every event of your life – even your boys’ day out.

4. She keeps an eye on you, online


Every like, every new comment, every friend made and every possible person followed. She has a list of all that and yes, with time stamp. Your status messages are with her, perfect to seconds precision and NSA should take classes from her. Tu toh gaya!

5. She wants you to cut all contact with your ex


So you’re good friends with your ex. May be you guys ended things mutually. While extensive interaction with exs is always frowned upon, a healthy interaction is part of being an adult. But your girlfriend demands you cut away all ties and stay the hell way from your ex. Yaar, as much as not even acknowledging her presence if ever in the vicinity.

6. She’s insecure


About your relationship, and its not the cute insecurity. She’s insecure about herself, always worries that you’ll leave he for a prettier, rather, any woman. While having to baby sit her insecurities, you also have to assure her that you’ll never let her go. *sigh*

7. She asks questions that can’t be answered


All her questions are directed at getting answers that might lead to issues, arguments and negativity in general. “Is (insert name here) prettier than me?”. The answer is always no, if you were wondering if you have an option.

8. She doesn’t want to hear your side of the story


God forbid there is an issue with another woman, she never wants to hear your side of the story. She will stick on to her assumption, or what others might have told her, but your story, kabhi nai sunegi!

9. Most fights are because of her jealousy


Most times you guys fight over issues caused due to jealousy, her being upset or passive-aggressive about the said issue. Sometimes you pretty much forget why you were fighting in first place because everything gets directed towards jealousy-stemmed issues. Good luck handling the green eyed monster, mister.

10. She won’t accept


And understand your we-are-just-friends friends. She will have her version of story and well, our condolences with you 😀

Keep in mind, a jealous girlfriend makes better research than CBI.

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