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10 Signs You Are Too Independent


10 Signs You Are Too Independent

Being independent is one of the best things that can happen to anyone. The confidence, the freedom and the beautiful sense of responsibility and living that comes with being an independent person is priceless. Here are ten things you can relate to if you are a fiercely independent.

 1. You know the importance of time alone.


You love spending time by yourself – your reading time, your workouts, even your overnight thinking sessions. You have no problem taking time for yourself and spending it on yourself.

 2. You don’t expect your partner to text/call you all day.


Infact, that annoys you a little too much. Just the way you like your me-time, you respect theirs. You are okay with not having to “Baby, kya kal lahe ho? :* ” all day. You detest such clingy-ness, infact. *throws up in mouth*

 3. You take your decisions.


And won’t have it any other way. While you prefer to take suggestions from many, at the end of the day, you will weigh them all and take your decision.

 4. You are not afraid of change.


Since you are independent and very adaptable, you trust the process. Changes don’t freak you out. You embrace them.

5. You handle your own mess.


Expecting people to clean up after you isn’t your thing. You don’t wait around for people to fix you.

 6. Your don’t neglect your career.


You are not defined just by your career, but it definitely matters a lot to you. You have carved out a path for yourself and know what you want from your career.

 7. Your independence is most times misunderstood as detachment.


People sometimes assume that you are cold, ice heart-ed person. You are independent, that’s all.

 8. Clingy, overtly dependent people annoy you.


It frustrates you to see people giving excuses and not helping themselves.

 9. You have trouble finding a partner.


If you are super independent, its is difficult to find yourself a partner because you unintentionally make them feel like they are not needed in your life.

 10. You have nodded along to every point and are so glad that we have understood you.


You’re welcome.

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All you indeps, tell us why you are the way you are!

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