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10 Signs You Are Very Lazy!

10 Signs You Are Very Lazy! RVCJ Media


10 Signs You Are Very Lazy!

You are already reading this point without completely reading the title. You are going to ignore the next few words and straight up land on points.

Oh well, you couldn’t ignore these few words, could you? 😉

Anyway, here are ten pointers that you are lazy as hell!

 1. You text/call people ten feet away in the room


No, getting up and walking there or as much as calling thier name is a waste of energy.

 2. When social gatherings are cancelled, you are secretly happy


Who really wants to dress up and go out while you can just be the couch potato?

 3. You are dressed enough to cover modesty and avoid legal charges for nudity


You hate wearing clothes because taking them off is UGH!

 4. You mostly don’t respond to texts/calls for the first time


You’re not snooty, you are just, plain lazy.

 5. You can convince yourself that something is not necessary if it involves getting off your ass and moving.


Like, switching the fan on or closing the door.

 6. You can watch and tolerate lame movies


Because walking off the theater/to reach the remote is just so tiring.

7. You are perpetually tired.


Right now, you are reading this because you are tired and are resting.

 8. Your version of cleaning is keeping things away from sight.


Under the couch, behind the curtain, under the bed. Just move them. To the next tile.

 9. You hold pee.


OMG, why do I have to pee so much? Why did I drink so much water? Let me hold in until I really just can’t.

 10. You didn’t read most of the above descriptions, you read just the points in bold.


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Yes. You are not lazy, you are just on energy conserving mode. 😉

Tag the laziest people in your bunch and appreciate them all 😉

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