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10 Signs That You Are In Love With Your Best Friend


10 Signs That You Are In Love With Your Best Friend

Do you have a friend without whom you can’t imagine your life? Is it really friendship or are you in love with your best friend? Check out the following points and if you find them true, then I guess you are in love with him/her. And if so, don’t get late in proposing your best friend, as Valentine’s Day is near and you would not find a better occasion to express your love.

1. You can’t see him/her with someone else and whenever you come across this situation, you feel like killing that person or just leave the place.



2. You want to spend your days and nights with her/him with no one around.



3. You dream of romantic and amorous moments with your best friend with open eyes.



4. You can’t tolerate anyone insulting your best friend, even when he/she is actually guilty.

Not only this, you are ever ready to fight with your parents, siblings or just anyone who finds a mistake in your best friend and points it out.

5. You share anything and everything with him/her without contemplating what he/she would say or think about you.


6. When you know the likes and dislikes of your best friend more than he/she himself/herself knows


7. You keep on talking and texting to your best friend even when there is nothing such to talk and that too, without being exhausted or bored.


8. You always rely on your best friend and blindly trust that he/she would put an end to all your troubles and worries.



9. Your collection is full of his/her photos and you never delete even the worst ones.


10. Whenever you are asked to select a life partner, you always search for the qualities and characteristics of your best friend in him/her.



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