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10 Signs You Need To Get A Life


10 Signs You Need To Get A Life

If you are on your bed right now, plugged into ear phones with plates of dried food scrapes on them, well, do you really want us to tell you that you need to get a life?


 1. Fun, for you, is ignoring people and their phone calls.

not reply

You have the internet, who needs anything else?

 2. Your laptop and books are all piled on your bed.


Your bed is your everything.

 3. Your answer to anybody asking you “What have you been up to?” is


“Umm, I went to movie, 8 months ago? I think so”

 4. There are days when you really wonder if you have any friends at all


Does anybody use WhatsApp?

 5. You are usually finding reasons to stay out of plans


..and finally one day, you aren’t even invited anymore.

 6. If you ever show up at any plans, you don’t know most of the others


Because you live under a rock.

 7. You have no idea about the latest breakups, hook ups and more.


Thus you make awkward talks and hope your friend helps you out of them.

 8. Your family is worried for you


Not because you are never home, but because you are hardly going anywhere

 9. You stump yourself with questions about “What am I doing with my life?”


 10. You have reached point 10 and are still searching for more pointers.


Really, go get a life. And before you do that, tag your friends who should get one too 😉

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