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10 Signs That Your Partner Is A Psychopath


10 Signs That Your Partner Is A Psychopath

1. You will feel like you have no voice. They will let you down when you will make a choice and they will choose whatever they want.

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2. Your partner has no remorse. He or she may get upset easily and they will not even bother what are you trying to say.

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3. Psychopaths are great in manipulation. They will make you think that you are going crazy instead of them.

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4. He has no guilt for the mistakes he has done and instead he blames you.

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5. Your partner is a top class liar. They lie about things they don’t even need to.

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6. He is a Chameleon. He acts different with you and completely different with your friends or family.

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7. You feel alone when you are with your partner.

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8. Your partner talks bad about you behind your back and insults you in front of everyone.

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9. Your partner doesn’t know how to talk to waiters, is mean to children and tortures animals.

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10. You have to tell your partner every time that where you are and what are you doing.

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