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10 Signs You Are In A Relationship With Your Phone

10 Signs You Are In A Relationship With Your Phone RVCJ Media


10 Signs You Are In A Relationship With Your Phone

Let’s face it, we all are more addicted to our phones than to daaroo and sutta. Can we even imagine spending a day away from our phones? Nope, not happening. And even among us,  there are the extremists who are in a relationship with their phones. Here are 10 signs, to determine if you are one of the addicts.

 1. You are forever fiddling with it


Even if it absolutely quiet with nothing happening.

 2. Its the first thing you see in the morning.


You scrunch your eyes, because even before you are awake, you want to see your phone.

 3. You have a spare charger in your bag.


..that you take everywhere. You’ll put it to charge in class, it doesn’t matter even if its 80% battery still remaining.

 4. You are the app guru.


And regularly take part in the OS wars. Apple fan boy or Android warrior, you just know it all. You are the tech guru.

 5. On that, all your apps are always updated.


You keep your phone in mint condition. No old versions, no bugs for you.

 6. You are territorial about your phone.


Nobody ever touches it without your permission. Gallery is off limits.

 7. You hate the slick feel on the screen.


And obsessively clean it. You also have a multitude of phone covers that you love adding to the collection of.

 8. Your gaming apps are all on high score.


And people seldom beat your scores. You play all the time, so your expertise results in brillaint high scores.

 9. Free WiFi is the gift to humanity.


There is only so much money you can spend on data packs and recharges. You are your service provider’s favorite customer.

 10. You are reading this on your phone.


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Yea we caught you alright 😉 Need we say more?

Tag them all phone addicts and let us know what we missed 😉

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