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10 Silly Things That Girls Hide For No Reason


10 Silly Things That Girls Hide For No Reason

Okay so, we are not saying girls are pretentious, but yeah sometimes they do hide things that are silly and really nobody cares about their authenticity. So here are 10 such stupid things that girls generally hide and for no reason whatsoever.


So it is considered a “lady offence” in the lady’s world to tell her age to anyone and trust me, she would never break the law.


“Dude how does it matter if am 12 or 21? Ever heard of palindromes? Duh”

2.How much they’ve studied for an exam

So she tops every exam, yet when you ask her the night before an exam how her preparations were going on, she would give you a “yaar kuch nahi ata. Fail ho jaungi” response.


“I seriously haven’t studied.”


Don’t even dare to ask her weight. Obviously she’d tell you 10 kilograms less than the reality.


“I am 15 multiplied by 3, a few pounds subtracted though.”

4.Hot female friend from her boyfriend (jealousy)

Never bombard her with messages and missed calls

5.Beauty products

She would never tell you the secrets behind her flawless beauty; makeup and makeup. Try sneaking inside her clutch and you wouldn’t find anything, cause she already would have hidden them inside 36 lockers.


“What is a concealer? Is it a new android app?”

6.Virginity truth

Now come on, hiding the truth behind your lost virginity won’t take you anywhere. At least the guy you’re planning to stick with, should know. But for her “Wo mere bare me kya sochega?” is the question of the millennium.


“OMG! Did you just say the V word?”


A girl would never tell her boyfriend about her exes, even though the guy has no problem with her past.

Deepika Padukone

“I swear baby, you are my first love.”

8.“Close” male friends and old crushes

If you think you can discuss your crushes and laugh and make fun of your exes with your girlfriend, then you are badly mistaken. She would never participate in such a discussion.


“How many male friends did you have at school?”
“Umm, two, maybe?”


Ok, so she’s an adult, and she watches adult movies and she does everything to please herself that a normal adult woman is supposed to do. Then why the hell does she have to hide it?


“I never watch adult movies. The idea sounds so desperate. Not my thing.”

10.Their Ghareloo Skills

She knows how to make tea, she can make round rotis, she can wash clothes and do dishes, but she is so ashamed to admit all of this because ghareloo skills are not hip you know? Grow up girls.


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