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10 Solid Reasons Why Youngsters Hate Kolkata

10 Solid Reasons Why Youngsters Hate Kolkata RVCJ Media


10 Solid Reasons Why Youngsters Hate Kolkata

1. Laid Back & Lethargic

Kolkata is so laid back, and that is the reason British chose it as its Capital. & there are dozens of Medical & Engineering Students cropping up every year from this part of the city to do Nothing! IIM-C stands 2nd in the Country for No Good reason.

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2. Cosmopolitan Culture Doesn’t Exist Here.

If you are talking about the Western Influenced Culture, than truly you are right. Because Kolkata believes in establishing its own identity. That is why it has some heritage culture still imbibed in its roots.


3. The Food Here is Simple & Not Happening

Kolkata offers you the best Sweets for a Mundane Day. That is it. Simple yet Relishing Food like Illish Maach which has less of “Excessive Butter & Oil”, is may be an Un-Healthy Option. After All, Food that gives Obesity is no doubt more Yummy.

Food in Bengal

4. Night Life & Discotheques are so Boring & Very Stereotype

Tantra for the Dancing Marvels. Someplace Else for some Live Jazz Music. Different Nightclubs to suit different People. Where else can you find such diversity in Culture.

Nightlife in Kolkata

5. Great Hotels & Restaurants are missing from the Scene

Does anyone have ever tasted the breakfast from Flury’s . If you have, you can better judge Kolkata & its Love for Food. If you want bigger brands – ITC Sonar Bangla, Taj Bengal, JW Marriott, Hyatt Regency, Monotel etc etc.

Hotel in Kolkata

6. No such Great Weekend Getaways.

If there is one city that offers you both, Hills & Sand & Surf, then it surely is Bengal. Moreover, Within Kolkata as well you can never feel alone. Even the Air here is very warm and welcoming


7. Politics & Drama is in the Blood

And, that is Why Dr. Pranab Mukherjee is the President of India & Mamata Banerjee is a Gutsy Chief Minister. Need I say more?


8. Fashion & Style are Out-dated

Sabyasachi Mukherjee – One of the Best Indian Designer hails his background from Kolkata. & Kolkata’s Esplanade is Equivalent to Delhi’s Sarojini Market. Indian Women looks the best in Saree & No one can deny the fact that Bong Girls are inquisitive Beauty. Okay, I can go on and on. & The list will continue. Full Stop Here.


9. The Malls don’t offer Bigger & International Brands.

That is because Bengal Handloom & Cottage Industry is bigger & Better, But Still for your reference Kolkata has the largest mall in East India. Google & Find it Out before you argue.


10. Saving the best for the Last – It is Too Cheap.

Yes, if you want to earn some 40K – 50K in other metropolitan city & save nothing. Better Earn 20K-30K in Kolkata & save an Ocean. 100 rupees a day = King in Kolkata

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Have I missed some point? Please feel free to add some if you are also in Love-Hate Relationship with this City.

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