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10 Thing We Had Definitely Done With Our Friends

10 Thing We Had Definitely Done With Our Friends RVCJ Media


10 Thing We Had Definitely Done With Our Friends

1. Best Chemistry

Just Looked at each other’s strange and weird smile and understood the whole matter and joined them

Arjun Ranveer Singh

2.Abusive Persons

Greet each other with the most abusive words which one knows

dil chahta hain

3.Because we love Irritating our friends

Called our friend’s enemy as their  best friend and irritated them

best friends

4. Watching Girls is our favorite job

We Rank Girls according to their hotness

yeh jawani hain deewani

5.We Don’t Care

Made a Phone Call at 3 A.M. just to ask  “Bhai Kya Kar Raha Hain ?”

best friends

6.Don’t Try , You won’t understand

Had a conversation which is impossible to understand by anyone on this planet
zindagi na milegi dobafra

7.Formal Things are just not made for us

Asked for a Favour and then said “Chal be , Welcome”  instead of “Thank You”

3 idiots

8.Sharafat ki Murti

Acted as noble as Aloknath in front of friend’s parents
2 states

9.Bhabhi Factor

Referred Friend’s Girlfriend as “Bhabhi” just to show him respect


10. “Party Toh Banti Hain”

Asked for a treat just because our friend has bought a new pen


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