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10 Things We Would Be Able To Do When Facebook’s Dislike Button Becomes Active


10 Things We Would Be Able To Do When Facebook’s Dislike Button Becomes Active

Few days back the founder of Facebook broke the news of bringing the concept of Dislike button to reality in the coming near future. Now that Facebook has heard its users requests by bringing the feature which is apparently is in beta version right now. We decided to list some uses of the Dislike button.

Here are the 10 ways in which we would be able to use Facebook’s Dislike Button:

1. On Various Check-In’s

Many people have this habit of check in through their Facebook accounts, no matter even if they are using a restroom of some luxurious hotel. Facebook’s dislike button would be great to let them know that its not cool to check-in for every place you go.
facebook multiple check-in

2. Senseless Status Updates

We all have some friends on Facebook who update their status randomly which makes no sense. Not to forget those people who update their status for that one person but ultimately let the whole world know. Using dislike button on these type of status will surely let them know about what they are doing wrong and might stop them further.
Senseless Status Updates

3. Photo Tagging

It doesn’t makes sense, people tagging you in a picture of their other friends or some other thing where you are not even related to it. It makes you wonder that why in the first place I was tagged in that picture. In future, rather than un-tagging yourself from these pictures. Just use the Dislike Button and you are done.

4. Unwanted Film Review And Spoilers Updates

There are those few people in our friend’s list who likes to review the latest movies and giving spoilers to others who are yet to see the movie. Why is it so hard to keep your reviews to yourself and try not to spoil other’s weekend plans. A dislike button on these statuses, giving reviews and spoilers is a must.
Unwanted Film Review And Spoilers Updates

5. Greeting Status Updates every Dawn and Dusk

Bidding every one Good Night or Wishing a good luck in the morning is a pleasantry exchange. But overdoing it, is just a pain in the ass. Dislike button is an option, but really government should ban these kind of status updates.
Good Morning Status Update

6. Sobbing Status Updates

We know you are going through hard time in your life. But letting everyone know about it is just lame. Instead of sobbing and letting the whole world know. A better option is to get up and fight the odds. A dislike to motivate those people.
Sobbing Status Updates

7. People Asking You To Like Their Pages or Links

When random people on Facebook with whom you rarely talk, ask you to like their pages or tell you to go through some link to vote for them for some competition. This definitely demands a Dislike to let them know indirectly that you are NOT INTERESTED.
People Asking You To Like Their Pages or Links

8. Posts Asking For Likes and Shares

This is something everyone has come across. Those posts which say “Facebook will give $1 for every like or share on this post” are just crap. I mean be practical and stop sharing such posts. Facebook is not doing such kind of charity. A Dislike and they might stop sharing such posts.
Posts Asking For Likes and Shares

9. Force Forwarding Posts

Those posts which say “Forward this post or something bad will happen in next 24 hours”. A Dislike will bring bad luck to their post.
Force Forwarding Posts

10. A Dislike For DSLR Wannabe

Lastly, a Dislike for those DSLR junkies who are just wannabe photographers who try to click a snap of every other thing they see and upload it to their profile. Not just that, they also create a page under their name as “XYZ Photography” and asks to like their page as if they are another Mario Testino.
A Dislike For DSLR Wannabe

So, what would you use the upcoming Facebook Dislike button for. Let us know in the comments section below.

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