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10 Things That Android Mobile Can Do But Iphone Cannot


10 Things That Android Mobile Can Do But Iphone Cannot

When it comes to mobile users, the crowd gets divided into two groups of mobile users’ i.e. the android users and iPhone users. No doubt iPhone has captured most of the Indian market, but we cannot deny the fact that android mobile services have raised its own standard with its quality and services. When it comes to body of mobile IPhone is a metallic body whereas android can be plastic ones, customization is very friendly with iPhone users and many more qualities to be said on. The arguments between the android users and iPhone users never comes to an stop , here this post is not to justify the best product and claim the best users , but is to acknowledge you with facts that android mobile can do and iPhone cannot. The article does not say IPhone is not best in its quality or services, but acknowledges some facts that android can do and iPhone cannot.

1. Google Play

You can enjoy full-fledged features of Google play only if you are android users, whereas for iPhone users, it is restricted up to limit.

Google-Play-Store-logo (1)

2. Makes Calls Easy.

As soon as you type two to three digits from the numbers, your android phones searches all the dictionary and contacts and gives you an extracted result.

sshot4ddd0ce4244a4 (1)

3. Messaging

Different folders are formed according to the message recipients and arranged according. This segregation makes it easy to use for android users. Message threads are arranged accordingly.

ScreenshotsofStockAndroidMessagingApp11 (1)

4. Customization

According to the choice and preference, we can customize the home screen with our favourite widgets. Your priority will be at your home screen. The recent downloaded app automatically gets a space in the home screen.


5. Torrent Downloads

There are different legal torrents available, which you can download with software or users. Downloading torrent for iPhone users is not that easy as it should be. Torrent enables you to download your desired movies and videos.


6. Automate Everything.

Your android mobile will work for you, and according to your wish. If you want the sound to be silent when a Facebook message pops up, you can do it in the settings, you can always opt for phone to be silent when you are in a meeting and same go with the rest of the setting.


7. Picture Management.

Comparatively the picture management of android is far better than iPhone. It automatically creates folders according to the date, time and sizes. The screenshots get arranged in a separate folder , while photo gallery and different folder and many more.



8. Locking System

There are many personalises ways to lock your mobile, which includes face unlock, digits and patterns. You can keep 4-12 digit number as your password or opt for any pattern design to unlock your phone.


9. Notification Bar

The notification bar on the top helps you to see the different notification and respond to the notification that you want to. The bar arranges itself in ascending order on the screen.


10. Variety Of Themes

Android comes with the collection of variety of themes, wallpapers and other art graphics which can be used and downloaded according to your need. You can customize your screen with different graphics, wallpapers and colourful themes.


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Here were some listed facts that Android mobile can do and iPhone cannot. Let us know whether you are iPhone or Android user in comments section below

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