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10 Things To Avoid On Valentine’s Day

10 Things To Avoid On Valentine’s Day RVCJ Media


10 Things To Avoid On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is, no doubt, a day meant for lovers or those whom you love. What is more, this special day has a great significance for expressing your feelings towards someone. So don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the occasion this year because it bestows an added flavor to your relationship. As the day is so special and extraordinary, you must avail yourself fully of it and avoid a few things that might turn it into a bad one for you.

1. Don’t stick to your phone.

Don’t be busy in picking calls, sending or reading sms, or in other social activities when you are with your partner, as it will make him/her feel ignored and less important or special.


2. Neither make any plan with your friends nor invite them to join you guys.


3. Never ever talk or discuss about your Exs or make jealous by praising any other girl/guy when you are with your date.


4. Don’t forget the gift, be it a not-so-expensive rose or box of chocolates but do present him/her something.


5. Don’t fight, complain or count faults in each other.


6. Don’t get too late for your date because if someone waits for a longer period, his/her mood automatically gets spoiled.


7. Book well in advance if you are planning to dine out, as chances are likely that you have to wait for hours or don’t get an apt spot.



8. Don’t show disinterest towards your partner or make him/her feel as you have obliged him/her with your presence.


9. Don’t express lack of appreciation if you find something unattractive and disagreeable.


10. Neither dressed in very ordinary or simple attire that you put on everyday nor make it funny or weird for him/her to tolerate.



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