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10 Things Only Bathroom Singers Can Relate To


10 Things Only Bathroom Singers Can Relate To

Bathroom singing is an epidemic. There are days when we are exposed to it, while sometimes, we are the carriers of it! If we asked all the bathroom singers to raise a hand for us, we will fail at counting them all. Such is the reach of bathroom singers.  😀 So here we list the ten things only bathroom singers can relate to, and nobody else can. Can we get the shower on? 😉

1. When you are in the shower, every one knows.


Because the moment the water hits your body, you start singing. There is just no stopping you.

 2. You have a special relationship with your bathroom.


Its your therapy, your me-time. You do not like thinking while you shower. You sing there, you are unstoppable.

 3. You work hard on getting the tunes right.



From the local tunes to the coveted ones, you strive hard to get the notes to perfection.

 4. You are interrupted by tortured family members and friends.

make it

But you never stop, you say ‘Never say never’.

 5. You secretly like the giggles your loved ones burst into right after they execute point 5.


You know they find it adorable. Twisted, but true.

 6. You pre-plan your playlist but never admit to it.


Who likes to sing the same set of songs every shower? Yikes. So boring.

 7. Your songs vary according to your bathing needs.


You rap while you shampoo and scrub, and stick to romantic melodies while shaving and conditioning. You have to get the tempo right, all the time.

 8. You believe your voice is fantastic.


You don’t think so, you know so.

 9. You are asked to sing in social gatherings but mostly, you shy away.



 10. And that’s when, people say you are a bathroom singer and you own that label like a boss that you are.


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Long Live Captain Bathroom Singers the Forever!

Tag all the bathroom singers and share the mutual joy!

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