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10 Things You Can Relate To If You Are A Class Topper

10 Things You Can Relate To If You Are A Class Topper RVCJ Media


10 Things You Can Relate To If You Are A Class Topper

Being the class topper means extra attention, always in limelight, everyone’s ideal and lots more. Only a topper can experience the benefits and feel what it means to be. The world and the school seem to be only yours as if all are looking ahead you to grasp how they should actually be to attain success in life. Here are 10 things you can relate to if you are a class topper too…

1. Your notebooks will always be in demand

Students will always ask your notebooks and everyone will want to copy your home-work, class-work and writing too!



2. ‘How to study?’ Every Tom, Dick and Harry will want to know from you

Your study methods will be asked, as it’s our tradition to walk on the footsteps of a successful person and adopt his/her ways to achieve victory.


3. A model kid

You will be a model kid for the whole class. Parents of other kids will give your example to their kids as an inspiration.



4. A favorite of teachers

You will be a favorite of all the teachers, especially when studying hard and seriously is concerned.


5. Parents’ pride, neighbors’ envy

Your parents will be proud of you while your neighbors will turn green with envy because their children might not be as bright in studies as you are.


6. Center of interest and attraction

Everyone will look at you or rather you will be the focal point as if on spotlight at the time of result declaration.

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7. Great expectations from you

Your parents, siblings and kinsmen will look forward to see you in a high position or leading a luxurious life, which is the outcome of a flourished career.


8. Brilliant work, outstanding performance

You are expected to complete all your homework on time in addition to learning syllabus thoroughly.


9. Everybody will like to have a friend like you

The whole class would want to be your friend and each student would want to sit next to you in the examination.


10. Last benchers will wish to kill you

Quite naturally, all these benefits come with a disadvantage and that’s last benchers will aspire to slay you as a revenge of all the insults they face because of your excellence.


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