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10 Things You Can Relate To If You Are Football Fan!

10 Things You Can Relate To If You Are Football Fan! RVCJ Media


10 Things You Can Relate To If You Are Football Fan!

Well, the game of Football can cast its spell on everybody; kids and adults alike. Yet, among them, are quite a few individuals who are simply smitten with this game and can go overboard to hold the fervor of this game real high. The world pegs such individuals as ‘The Football Fans’. Let’s run you through their profile chop-chop. Keep a weather eye though as it might just match with that of yours.

1. Boisterous

Being loud or noisy is not always vile and it’s definitely not so when brought into play for something like Football. A football fan can go unrestrained and frenzied when his team excels or can unleash ‘destruction’ when being let down. In either case, when questioned, he’ll throw the clichéd line, ‘Everything is fair in love, war and football’.


2. Defensive

Don’t mess around with a football fan. And never try to show him the real picture. When it comes to the image of his team getting tarnished metaphorically, he can very well tarnish your clothes quite literally.


3. Night owl

He will stay up all night long but won’t dare to miss out on a single match, even if he has a life-and-death situation coming his way the very next day.


4. Stat nerd

He is always ready with the statistical figures of his team’s performance. After all, one never knows when would the need arise to establish his team’s ‘factual supremacy’ over the others.


5. Poster guy

Well, from the moment you step into the room of a football fan till the time you exit, all that your eyes can possibly meet are ‘posters’ of football players being put up all over the room.


6. Loyal

Never ever try making a football fan switch his loyalties for his team. Well, you might even be able to make him switch his girlfriend but getting him take sides with a different team is a big no-no.


7. Pump-up the music

A larger chunk of the football fans is fond of loud music. The logic behind is a bit subtle but perhaps it’s their way of ensuring that their enthusiasm never dies out, even when they are dead asleep. Well, now you know why many crash with their headphones still on.


8. Attention-seekers

Who doesn’t seek attention? But, it holds incredibly true for a football fan. From the overdone make up and outlandish accessories to the rib-tickling dance moves, the fans seemingly have got all the aces up their sleeves to garner some major camera attention.


9. Clueless ones

Well, they are the ones who are not quite into the game but just tag along with their partners. While most of them carry some idea about the game, there are some who are absolutely clueless about the game and keep on bombarding questions at their better-informed companions. They are mostly seen taking selfies and photographs.


10. Spiritualistic fan

He wouldn’t turn to God all this while but on the eve of a crucial match of his team, he would turn into the most ardent devotee on the planet just to make the team he roots for win.


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