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10 Things You Can Relate To If You Grew Up With The Boys


10 Things You Can Relate To If You Grew Up With The Boys

Have you grown up with the boys? We observe many points worth noticing in case girls grew up with boys, be they their brothers or kinsmen or even neighboring folks. I am also one of the lucky girls endowed with the company of guys, so I have listed 10 things that you would rather do or accustomed to in this scenario.

1. Cosy and snug

Being very frank with just any and every guy; no shyness or hesitation while talking to a boy whom you don’t know and are meeting for the first time


2. Being extraordinarily comfortable in your Ts and shorts/pyjamas

This is my super favourite, as I love my lose clothes and don’t like to roam around in tight jeans and low neck tops exposing my curves and cleavage


3. Surprising bluntness

You can talk on each and every topic very easily, be it an adult one. By the time, you will also experience a drastic change in your self-confidence


4. Inclination towards adults stuff

Girls who live in the circle of boys are pretty much interested in and sometimes addicted to adult talks, jokes and messages too.


5. Unpredictable behavior and nature

As you grow up with boys, you would, to some extent, adapt their temperament like sometimes you might be too excited about something or at other times, lose your temper or start fighting


6. Moving hands and legs uncontrollably

Guys prove to be friendlier than girls and so is the case with their company. So if you grew up with boys, your gestures and postures are likely to be less controlled and you can anytime hit someone. 😛


7. Don’t think much before action

Naturally, many boys act without thinking much about consequences so you do.


8. Can do anything for friends

This is one of the best things that I love about boys. They are always ready and willing to move heaven and earth for their friends.


9. No gossiping, backbiting or bitching

Ah, that’s why I like the company of guys so much. They are straight-forward and say everything bluntly so are the girls grown up with the boys


10. Asking syllabus just before one or two days of the examination and planning to study overnight just to pass!

HAHA! The most amusing aspect of being with guys is that you can’t focus much on studies or actually, they won’t let you do so.

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