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10 Things You Can Relate To If You Have A Punjabi Friend

10 Things You Can Relate To If You Have A Punjabi Friend RVCJ Media


10 Things You Can Relate To If You Have A Punjabi Friend

Do you have at least one Punjabi friend or is your best friend a Punjabi? If so, you would have ample opportunities to live life to the fullest and kick off your worries with a sheer laughter. Interestingly enough, here are 10 things you would love or enjoy in the company of your Punjabi best friend.

1. Spice up your taste buds with Punjabi aroma

When your best friend is a typical Punjabi, your taste changes or improves a little or a lot and you crave for sarso ka saag, non-veg dishes and lassi in your wish list


2. Die-hard fans of Bhangra

In the company of your Punjabi friend, you can even master the art of Bhangra dance, which is indeed very popular itself and can easily make you single out in a crowd.


3. Friends of friends as well as the toughest of enemies

Punjabis are well famed for their long-lived practice of being proved as the BESTEST friend ever. They can die or take life for friends and kinsmen. Additionally, they don’t care for their own lives and are always willing to help their near and dear ones by hook or by crook.


4. Get infected with liveliness, vibrancy and enthusiasm

Full of dynamism, spark, vigor and cheerfulness, they always spread positive vibes around you and fill your senses with happy-go-lucky spirit.


5. Love to shout ‘Balle Balle’

There would hardly be a person who is remained untouched from the magical charm of pronouncing ‘Balle Balle’. All of us utterly enjoy to say it with full action!


6. Art of making Lassi in washing machine 😀

This might surprise some people but amusingly enough, it’s true! You can be an adept or sufficiently learn how to make good Lassi and that too, in a washing machine! I would love to try it!!!


7. Aloo paratha with lots of butter… yummy

As the title itself is mouth-watering, I could hardly put a stop to my cravings for this lip-smacking breakfast. However, if you have a Punjabi friend, don’t miss a chance to enjoy the scrumptious meal. They have it on a regular basis! 😛 so just knock the door and please your taste glands!


8. Slangs… a must have!

There is no denying the fact that you get accustomed to slangs like BC and MC and use them as you use comma and full stop in your talking style.

9. Romance flows in blood

Punjabis are well-known for their romantic nature and style; so if your best friend is a Punjabi, you will also not remain untouched with this quality.


10. Alcohol… life-giving water

Punjabis can’t imagine their lives without drinks. By drinks, I mean alcohol and yes, they drink unrestrainedly or rather a great deal.


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Tag/Share with your Punjabi friends & let them know how much you love them for these things. If we missed anything then feel free to mention in comments section below

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