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10 Things To Be Careful About Before Going For An Interview


10 Things To Be Careful About Before Going For An Interview

1. Formal Dress code

There are companies which have informal dress code as their company policy but while going for an interview wear your best pair of formal clothes. The very first impression is created by your look.


2. Confident Look

Everybody is nervous when going for an interview but use your nervous energy positively. Don’t let the interviewer know that you are nervous; rather show that confident look of yours.


3. Photocopy of all certificates

Some companies do not mention that you need to get your certificates along but make it a point to create one folder that contains the photocopies of all your certificates.


4. Don’t forget your pen

Have you seen a soldier going to a battle field without his weapons? It is the same situation when you go for an interview without your pen.


5. Keep one or two reference names and contact numbers with you

Many companies ask candidates to fill a form where references need to be filled. Keep them handy with you and keep your references informed that you are going to mentioned them.


6. Read a lot about the company

The interviewer feels you are really interested to join the company if you are well versed with its background knowledge.


7. Prepare your resume nicely

Resume is your first introduction that the interviewer will view. The more crisp and precise it is, the easier it becomes for you to crack the interview.


8. Positive attitude

Who would want a negative and pessimistic person around them for whole day? Think of all positive things before going for the interview so that people can see your optimism.


9. Be prepared with HR questions

Everybody goes well versed with their technical knowledge but people focus less on the HR (human resource) questions. This is where most of the good people go wrong. Be prepared with some good answers for the questions like – ‘Why we should hire you?, your strengths, weaknesses’. These are common but important questions.


10. Do take your smile along with you

It is interview time and you are stressed out but don’t forget to smile. Everybody likes pleasant people. The probability of getting selected is more for the people who smile than those who don’t.


BEST OF LUCK for your forthcoming interview. Do share your experience with us!!

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