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10 Things Only Computer Geeks Will Understand


10 Things Only Computer Geeks Will Understand

If you are a computer programmer then you can relate to these 10 things listed below very easily. But if you are not one of those techie guys then not to worry you must still keep on reading as the following content will blow your mind. For those who don’t have a technical background, these things might sound grammatically and logically incorrect to you but trust me they are 100% logical for those computer geeks out there.

1. Counting Starts From Zero, Not One!


2. 5/2 Can Be 2.


3. A Parent May Kill Its Children If The Task Assigned To Them Is No Longer Needed!


4. The True Meaning Of The Word Logic.


5. The Value Of A Semicolon.


6. The Root Is At The Top Of The Tree!


7. Sleeping With A Problem Can Actually Solve It.


8. The Key ” | ” Is Not At All Useless!


9. A=B And B=A Are Not The Same.


10. You Can Not Watch A Video On YouTube Without Actually Downloading It.


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