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10 Things Every Man Expects From His Partner

10 Things Every Man Expects From His Partner RVCJ Media


10 Things Every Man Expects From His Partner

Relationships are an important aspect of one’s life. They knowingly or unknowingly play a part in shaping your future. If you have got a good life partner, your life will be a bit more sorted and a whole lot beautiful.

10 Things Every Man Expects From His Partner RVCJ Media

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From the men’s point of view relationships hold a very different relevance. They find themselves with someone who constantly improves them, listens to them; they are able to share things with them that they usually don’t share with anyone else.

Men, just like women carry specific expectations from their life partner, here are some of them.

10 Things Every Man Expects From His Partner RVCJ Media

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1) To accept that they can sometimes be shabby.

Men, unlike women don’t care much about how they carry themselves. They just get out of the bed, wear anything that gets caught in their hand and walk out.

That’s how men operate most of the time and they want their partner to understand their casual approach to fashion and styling.

2) To understand that they can’t express it.

Men are far less evolved than women when it comes to expressing feelings. They never know how to say the right thing at the right moment.

They wish their partner can understand this, that although they do not express it well but they love them the most.

3) To give them the space to enjoy with other friends.

Men expect this, although they love to show you off to their friends but sometimes they want that they can be alone with their friends.

They want freedom from their partner, just to chill out the old ways.

4) To accept their craziness when it comes to their favorite sports.

Men are too much passionate about sports. Whether cricket or football or any other game they will watch whenever it is aired.

Men expect their partners to accept this crazy passionate side of theirs.

5) To make them feel loved constantly.

Men in general lack self belief when it comes to love. They always think that their partners deserve better than them.

Thus, they expect constant reassurance from their partner.

6) To not judge them from the conversations they have with their friends.

Men usually talk stupid things while talking with other men. That’s kind of a ritual, a way their communication usually flows.

They don’t always themselves like what they discuss, but they have to be a part of that. They expect not to be judged on the basis of such conversations.

7) To listen to their sorrows.

Men are mostly good at not showing how much some things hurt them but they are completely vulnerable when they fall in love.

They want to tell their partner about that dream which they could not follow, about how bad things are at home, about how rough it has been. They want their partners to listen to their sorrows as they are too manly to tell it to someone else.

8) To share your deepest secrets with them.

Women are a lot more conservative when it comes to sharing things. Men love it when they share something with them that is very close to their heart.

Something that only they know, may be a childhood story or something from their past which they have been hiding for a long time.

9) To develop an interest in something they love.

This is never a necessity. This is one of those things that you do when you want to go that extra mile. Men really feel special when you show even a little interest in the things that they love.

It makes them feel special.

10) To forgive them and stay with them.

Yes, men do so many mistakes. They always do something wrong when almost everything is going perfect. They get angry at stupid things, they are easily frustrated and sometimes they take it out on their partners, which is indeed very wrong.

And they understand that and are sorry for that and they want their partner to forgive them for being so stupid and just stay with them, always.

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