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10 Things That Every Wife Desires From Her Husband


10 Things That Every Wife Desires From Her Husband

Women are complex beings. But we just can’t have a world without them, can we? Here is our humble attempt to help you understand what women desire from their husbands; their idiosyncrasies and their whimsies!

1. Loyalty and Trust


A good wife would want her husband to be loyal to her and in return he can have her trust. It’s a two-way thing. These qualities are the foundation of a nuptial, which you must keep intact if you wish to go a long way in your marriage.

Ummm…let me make it simpler for you. Hey! No fooling around with other women!

2. Show Some Love

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Women love men who are able to open up their hearts and express their feelings to them. The same goes with your wife. She knows you love her, but that’s not supposed to be taken for granted. A peck on her cheek and simple ‘I love you’ from the bottom of your heart before you walk out of that door every morning… It means a lot.

3. Gifts!!!


Every woman desires that her husband showers her with pretty gifts every now and then. She doesn’t want you to get her the lavish and expensive jewelry every now and then. A bouquet of roses, a perfume and sometimes even a cheese pizza will work great.

4. Be her Shoulder to Cry on


Husbands are supposed to be their wife’s ‘best friend forever’ by default! It’s a huge privilege. You know how much courage it takes to speak out your mind to another person? And she chose you. So you better sit that heinie down on the sofa as she narcissistically rants about her problems!

5. Deal with Her Bitchiness


PMS is a bitch, if you didn’t know that already. It makes women cry for no reason, makes them explode and freak out at people for nothing. While some may simply assume your wife have been taking the bitchy pills, she expects with you to put up with her nasty behavior for a while. So try to be okay with that, whatever it is.

6. Eine Kline Bang Bang Musik


Physical intimacy is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of any marriage. For women, it’s a bonding moment. It’s only natural for a wife to expect her husband to be ‘The Magnificent Beast’ like Leonard Hofstader, if I may say. Get kinky and get raunchy, but don’t for get to say ‘I love you’, while you are at it. And when she tells you to whisper dirty things in her ear, she doesn’t mean you to say laundry, bathroom and kitchen!

7. Be Her Guinea Pig


While your wife is being experimental in the kitchen, she has already picked you as her test subject. She expects you to taste all the new kind of recipes she comes up with, and give an honest feedback.

8. Give Her a Break


When you are at home on weekends, just flipping through the channels on the television all day long is not the kind of thing your wife expects you to do. She would love it if you prepare meals on a weekend!

9. Getting High Together


A drunken person has the soberest mind. Going out for a drink with your guys is too mainstream. Your wife would love to share a bottle of wine or have few shots or tequila with you. You can get high, dance around, talk nonsense and make each other laugh within the sanctity of your home.

10. Communicate about Yourself

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While your wife expects you to put up with her whims and quirks, she is willing to be your support-system. Nothing would make her happy if you trust her ability to understand and empathize and confide in her everything that’s troubling you.

Let us know if you feel there is anything else that wife desires from her husband. Please feel free to mention your views in comments section below

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