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10 Things You Do Everyday That Can Actually Kill You If You Aren’t Careful


10 Things You Do Everyday That Can Actually Kill You If You Aren’t Careful

If you were born in the 90s or earlier, you know how beautiful the life was back then. And now it has just become insanely fast and lacks the quality. Everything we do, we do in a jiffy because then there is another task waiting for you and your schedule is just as packed as any Kalyan to Dadar local.

Among all this, we often end up doing up small mistakes that cost us big and we suffer much more than we expect or afford. Here is a list of things you do in your daily life, but need to be done more carefully. Have a look-

1. Sleep

Sleeping is as important as breathing for humans, but those who sleep more than 8-9 hours a day, get up and read. Research has recently shown that getting more than 9 hours of shut eye a night is actually as bad for your health as smoking. The lazy of us are actually 4 times more likely to die a premature death.

However on the flip side you’re also at the same risk if you get less than 7 hours sleep a night.

2. Shower

Taking a shower is relaxing and important for health, but it can be dangerous if you don’t know how to use the taps right way.

It may sound absurd, but 34 people die every year just in the US from injuries involving hot tap water.

3. Sneezing

While it goes without saying that one should never ever try to stop a sneeze, a possibly strong sneeze can crack your ribs, burst your ear drums or kill you with a heart attack.

4. Pimple Popping


Be extremely careful while you pop your pimples or better just avoid doing it. You can’t imagine but this simple time pass can hurt you to no extent.

Have you heard about the “Triangle of Death” around the nose? Some doctors are adamant you should not pop anything around here due to the high amount of blood vessels. Especially because many lead right to the brain and infection there can cause death.

5. Using stairs

Using stairs while going upward and coming downward can be dangerous too. In the UK alone, around 1000 deaths per year are caused due to stairs and the injuries fall around 100,000. That means you’re more likely to break your leg walking down the stairs than having a car accident. So, be careful!

6. Using elevator

Now, this is a blessing for those who visit big malls and live in multi storey buildings. Life in these situations without an elevator is just unimaginable. But have you ever imagined the situation if you get stuck in an elevator turned death machine? It can cut you in half and trail your intestines. Scary?

Well as per the studies, an elevator injures 266 people a year in the UK and kills around 26 people in the US.

7. Using A Zipper


You may have got your personal organ stuck in the zip, once in your life for sure. Right? Well, this causes around 1,700 injuries a year in the US.

8. Eating

We eat very fast and most of the time it causes choking. And choking is no 8 on the list of “injury causing death” in the United States. Shocked?

9. Walking over manholes

Now as an Indian, you must be aware of this. Almost on every road and street we notice man holes without covers and it causes lots of injuries and death. Just be more careful while walking on the roads and streets.

10. Talking While Charging Your Cell Phones

This can be extremely dangerous and phone can blast in your ear, in case the charger is faulty. Just don’t do this ever in your life.

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