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10 Things Everyone Goes Through In Their Mid-Twenties


10 Things Everyone Goes Through In Their Mid-Twenties

Feeling the quarter-life crisis? Feels like you are heading toward a dead-end in life? You’re not alone!

There’s a nagging feeling everyone gets in their mid-twenties that says that life ends in that very decade. Well, as it turns out, nothing can be more off the mark. Life has just begun for you!!

Don’t get bogged down by challenging work environment, and changing relationships, because better days are on their way. Cheer up!

Here are ten things everyone is feeling:

1. All you look forward to is Friday.

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2. There’s a lot common between you and an animated lazy cat.

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And that happens to be the worst day of the week. Yes, everybody hates Mondays! But…

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3. You hated LinkedIn, but now there’s no escape. Sigh!

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Social media definitions begin to change. You seek out more ‘Endorsements’ to attract employers on LinkedIn, and care less about Facebook ‘Likes’. It’s not such a bad thing, after all!

4. Mr. Cool is lost somewhere, Mr. Rage is all over the place.

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Relax! Everyone is feeling the heat. Overworked and underpaid is the new definition of being employed full-time. Perhaps, it always was. If your job seems too bad to carry on with, clear out the fog, weigh your options and you’ll find a way out of it. There’s still time to change your course in life.

5. If only you could sleep longer, everything would be ok.

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Work on it! Seriously! Whatever little precious time you get for yourself at night, shut your brain and take that lovely nap. You’ll thank yourself for it.

6. You’re in the wrong job, have the wrong degree.

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That’s everybody’s story! Knowbody knows how their life is going to turn out, and worse, no one knows what skills they would need to keep up with changing times. It’s only when you are in the thick of things that you learn. Make note of what you need to do to be better at your job. Don’t be afraid to seek help. If nothing seems to work, look for an opportunity to switch your career.

7. Where’s the love gone, you’ll wonder.

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You finally found that someone you wanted to spend your life with.
You got along like hell, but now it seems it was a mistake.
Hang on! That’s just stress messing up with your thoughts. If your love life, that was once great, is not the same anymore, it is asking for your genuine help. Be kind, patient and hear out your partner. Maybe, they have been trying to tell you something. Whatever it takes, good relationships are worth an effort! Invest in them.

8. There are wedding bells all around you.

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Well, good for them! You go ahead and do what you like. You have plenty of time to settle down. You’re young, confident, fertile, healthy, and most of all, too cool to give a damn. Go with the flow! Remember all those things in your bucket-list your wanted to do before you settle down. Hurry up and do them! You’ll be married, pregnant, and promoted even before you know it.

9. The only friends you will have are those who need you.

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You’ll have a few, but they would be true. The best thing about growing up is that you make great friends along the way. Relationships will evolve and blossom in many different ways. True friends will stick through your ups and downs, and you will find it hard to not be there for them. Be open, be humble, be honest, and you’ll never walk alone.

10. You’ll learn, your parents were right. About everything!


Yes, that’s what they are for. They’ll tell you the right thing. They are there to comfort you, scold and love you. It’s time you love them and comfort them back.

Now that you have learned that you are not alone in a life that feels like quicksand, get up, go look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself…

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