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10 Things That Force Us To Go To Pakhandi Babas


10 Things That Force Us To Go To Pakhandi Babas

In our daily life, we often see people running after or going through Babas quite frequently for just anything and everything as if Baba ji has the solution of each of our problems and can turn the impossible into possible. Hushh! Wait! Stop! After seeing all the scandals and stings, ab to ruk jao but Indians to Indians hain. And that’s only why Babas are the greatest businessmen of our country without having to pay many taxes. Read this post to find out 10 most vital causes that are making business of Babas continuously run brilliantly for years…

1. Baba meri naukri nahi lag rahi hai


Agar Baba ke paas naukri hoti to wo Baba kyon bante? Khud socho

2. Baba Ji mujhe meri saas se mukti chahiye


Do you want Baba to be a murderer?

3. Baba mujhe girlfriend nahi mil rahi hai


Aaj kal ke Baba ke paas bahot si hoti hain but I bet wo apni tumhe nahi denge

4. Meri shaadi nahi ho rahi hai Baba Ji



Baba Ji ki bhi nahi hui hogi ya unse apni wali sambhali nahi gayi hogi that’s why he became Baba

5. Mera xyz kaam pura nahi ho raha hai


Lo kar lo baat. Agar Baba Ji se koi kaam hota to wo khud kuch na kar lete

6. I am not getting passed in examinations


Pehle Baba ki qualification to puch lo

7. Baba I don’t have a kid


You really want Baba’s help for this?

8. Mera business nahi chal raha hai


Isme to Baba expert hain

9. Mujhe apne pati/kisi ko vash me karna hai. Upaay bataiye Baba


10. I want name, fame and money in life. What to do?


Uske liye kuch kaam karo. Baba ke paas aate rahoge to kya Baba monthly salary denge?

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