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10 Things That We Get Cheaper In USA Than In India.

10 Things That We Get Cheaper In USA Than In India. RVCJ Media


10 Things That We Get Cheaper In USA Than In India.

Many of us have a myth in our mind that United States is far more costly than India. Yes United States has its own standard of living with luxury, which makes it a costlier place. But there are many things that we get cheaper in USA than in India. Ladies in India empty their pockets to buy their fascination of makeup and outfits. Men get carried away with electronic gadgets and mobiles and don’t think twice to shade their money out. Whereas In India, we have a particular set of people who find their happiness in changing their electronic gadget as soon as a new one is launched. If you belong to these groups and also want to buy your fascinations at a cheaper rate, a trip to USA will buy you all these. So next time if your family member is going to USA or you have your uncle and aunts settles there, give them the list of 10 things that you get cheaper in USA than in India. Let them buy happiness for you

1. Shoes

This is factexcites me alot; Most of us go gaga over shoes and spend lots of money finding a correct pair for outfit. So next time get bunch of shoes from USA, you will save a lot.


2. Cosmetics

Again an inseparable part of girl’s life. Cosmetics cost you far more less than those in India and you will also find a large variety in it.

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3. Mobile phones

Mobile phones cost you 4-8thousand less in USA than in India. There are many Indians who purchase iPhone from USA to save a good amount of money.


4. Furniture

Not only there is a considerable price difference, the quality of the wood used to make furniture is also good and durable.


5. Bed sheets

If you want to get many bed sheets together, get it from USA. A single bed sheet here and 3 bed sheets there J

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 6. Clothing

You already know what brands that wear and want to purchase, you can surely find a place that will cost you low than India.

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7. Bigger gifts

For bigger gifts for your children, the price may differ in different stores. Buy you will get it cheap than in India.

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8. Kitchenware

If you are on a shopping spree, make sure you include this in your list to purchase it for your mom or for your home.

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9. Book

If you survive on books, save your money and get off from USA. Along with prices, there is more variety in genres of books too.

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10. Baby diapers

Health of your baby is your primary concern; get him the hygiene your baby deserves. You can stock many on a single time purchase of diapers.

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