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10 Things That Girls Talk In Private


10 Things That Girls Talk In Private

The wall has been breached, the mystery is out! Girls talk, a lot. Its almost insanely frustrating. What’s more frustrating is the question of what they talk about. What is that that keeps girls occupied all the time. Here we list of ten typical things that girls talk about 😀

 1. Boys.

ewww boys

We love them, we hate them. But we can’t ignore them! Even if she seems like she doesn’t notice you, be rest assured that you are being absolutely spoken about. Are you texting her? Screenshots are being shared across time zones.

 2. Hormones.


Girls and hormones are a never ending love story.  So we talk about hormones and their effects and the PMS and all that.

 3. Gossip.


So yes, we do gossip. We might not indulge in mean gossip, but we definitely like to deliver our opinions on other people’s life choices.

 4. Fashion.


Clothes, skin care, hair care, cosmetics, skin type, pimples, tutu skirt, racer back, horizontal stripes, new pair of flip flops, 50% off. You need more?

 5. Exes.


We do talk about our exes. The level of mean in us will vary according to how old and how horrid/not horrid the ex is. But yes, the nasty does come out.

 6. Careers.


And ambitions. We speak about what we intend to do about our careers. We share our dreams and hope we reach them someday. These conversations are the one of the most meaningful ones we have.

 7. Shopping.


We talk about shopping. We talk about plans to Commercial Street, Sarojini Nagar, Coloba and also Van Huesen, Zara and Mango too!

 8. Food.


Girls do eat and eat a lot! Food is yet another aspect we speak about. May be we plan to cook or may be we plan to get it cooked 😉 But first, food!

 9. Music and movies.


We share the latest song that’s gotten us addicted. We speak about movies that are apparent must watch. “50 Shades of Grey is banned ya!”

 10. Boys.


We speak about boys. And feelings. Single? Speak about crush boy. In a relationship? Speak about current boy. Broken up? Speak about ex boy.

And feelings.

So now that you know, tag all the girls you talk all this about to 🙂

Also, share!

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