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10 Things That Only Girls Who Love Wearing Black Can Relate To


10 Things That Only Girls Who Love Wearing Black Can Relate To

Fashion is a tricky thing to most guys. But for most girls, fashion is life. We follow trends, we keep ourselves updated with latest fashion updates and fads. Some of us though, prefer sticking with favorites and one in the classics is black. Seldom can one ever go wrong with black. Here are ten things that girls who wear black most time can relate to.

 1. People are concerned. “Are you depressed?”


Yes, your IQ points make me want to cry.

 2. They assume you are bitchy and tough.


Because you wear black, you are not girly.

 3. If you wear a different color, people ask what’s the occasion.


 4. And then they have problem with that too.


 5. “You should try reds. It will look great on you!”


 6. Your mom gets mad at you if you wear it to family occasions/temples.


“Kaale nai pehnte!”

 7. Your shopping trips aren’t complete without black.


Whom are you kidding? Your shopping trips are always for black.

 8. You have to convince people that you don’t wear the same leggings everyday.


You have a dozen of different leggings, all black.

 9. People make lame jokes like, “Why don’t you wear black lipstick also? HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAA!”



 10. But you will love black, no matter what.


Because at the end of the day, black will always be the new black. And only when they make a color darker than black, will you switch your religion! 😀


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