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10 Things A Guy Should Do On a First Date

10 Things A Guy Should Do On a First Date RVCJ Media


10 Things A Guy Should Do On a First Date

Oh the magic of first dates! We all know why first dates are so special – for someone who’s been #foreveralone for a long time, first date is a ray of hope! For someone who’s chanced with the object of their affection, first date is such a deciding factor. Typically, first date is a lot of pressure on men as they are expected to get it all right. So while we list here, the ten essential things men must do, take notes guys!

 1. Be on Time


It’s such a turn off if you’re going to make the girl wait. If you are picking her up, be atleast 10 minutes early. Who knows? You might get to see her doll up 😉

 2. Wear Something Comfortable

Semi-casual - Gerard Butler - 01

If you’re sweating in your thick jacket on a hot summer afternoon, she’ll see you more as pretentious than cool, you know what we mean? Just wear what you’re comfortable in. Make sure you’re facial hair isn’t gonna gross her out. Smell good, oh please, smell good. Women ALWAYS remember how good a guy smells, or, how bad.

 3. Be Chivalrous


Open the door for her. Greet her with flowers.Wait until she walks in. Pull her the chair. Be a gentleman. Girls know how to take care of themselves, but some gentleman behavior will up your score. They appreciate it. You don’t want her to think you’re a pig now, do you?

 4.  Listen to Her

Man listening to woman

While she talks about herself, don’t butt in and start talking about yourself. Don’t brag about how wonderful a man you are, and how very lucky she is to have to. Ugh.

 5. Give Her Your Attention

guy on phone

Don’t fiddle with your smart phone, we all know you own one. Don’t check messages and respond to calls unless it’s an emergency. Ladki bhaiti hai, usse dekh!

6. Give Her Space


Don’t try to be her daddy, she can take care of herself. Asking her if she’s okay, asking her if the temperature is okay, asking her if she wants warmer water, asking her if she needs your jacket, just stop! Don’t make her feel like a child. There’s a difference between being concerned and breathing down her neck.

 7. Be Confident


She is with you on a date, chances are she thinks you are pretty great. (Or, you’re an ass and she wants to friend zone you soon after the date). Don’t be a sweaty mess, be confident. Even if are freaking out, don’t let it show.

8. Offer To Pay


And do pay. No matter how independent a girl is, it’s good to be pampered and spoilt now and then. Plus, it’s always good to know a guy can support him and her at times of need.  If it’s a date you’ve planned  a while now, its only fair you pay. You can go dutch the next time. If she insists a lot, then let her pay. Just don’t make money take centre stage.

 9. Know When To Stop

guy liquo

Don’t reveal too much about yourself. She doesn’t have to know about your mommy issues, your small bladder, your trashy ex, your fear of heights – all in one date. Keep things interesting, reveal just enough.

 10. Be Yourself


Don’t try to be something you’re not. You shouldn’t jump for a kiss on a first date. Be comfortable in your own skin, don’t be pretentious. That way, you can be honest.

Good luck, guys! 🙂 Go get her! 😉

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