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10 Things Guys Do That Women Find Sexy


10 Things Guys Do That Women Find Sexy

Men are simple species. They aren’t complicated, like women are 😉 There are some things men do, without their knowledge that we, the women folk, find incredibly sexy! This list here, just for the ladies 😉

 1. Rolling their shirts


When men roll up their shirt sleeves, we kind of skip on a heart beat 😉 And when they do it to start a task, like say, lift something heavy or anything remotely masculine, we skip two.

 2. Playing guitar


There’s something about a man who plays guitar and loses himself in the chords ^_^. Same applies to the guys that play drums. Basically, any musical instrument that requires passion gets us going!

 3. The satisfaction smirk


The smirk of satisfaction men get when they know they have done something right, that smile that tells its done and dusted.

 4. Playing with kids


Its incredibly sexy when men play with kids. The fact that he can be a kid among the kids and entertain them shows his kind nature. Brownie points if kids love you back!

 5. Confidence


One confident man is better than a dozen nervous wrecks. The very confidence itself is sexy.

 6. Voice

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The husky voice of men when they’re groggy, just up from sleep or tired, is very,very sexy.

 7. The way they smell


Provided you don’t stink! Women always remember smells better and tend to find men who smell good, attractive.

 8. Eye contact


Eye contact when done right, is a perfect way to accentuate chemistry. Keep it under control though, you don’t want to come across as creepy!

 9. When they listen


When men listen, it shows they care. Even if you don’t understand, even if its all Greek and Latin, listening while your woman speaks makes you uber sexy in her eyes 😉

 10. When they are being themselves


Women can weed out fake guys like bosses. When a guy is unapologetically being himself, confident and smart, there’s nothing that can stop him from coming across as super sexy. Plus, a little kindness and chivalry never killed anybody.

Women, tag the men in your life that are oh-so-sexy! 😉 Men, chalo get appreciated already 😀

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