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10 Things We Do When We Are Home Alone

10 Things We Do When We Are Home Alone RVCJ Media


10 Things We Do When We Are Home Alone

We all do crazy things when we are home alone.We dance,we sing,we motivate ourselves (I know for how many days your motivation stays in your mind :P).But I’ll list a few and please let me know if you can relate to any of the points below.

10.Believe me,you’re The Greatest Dancer Ever

Well,no one is watching you.So “dance like a deewana”.Untitled

9.Roaming Around The House Naked.

Knock knock,no one’s home.No one’s gonna watch you or what are you wearing.So just put on some underwears and roam around the house like a king in his royal dress. 😀Untitled

8.Sing It Out Loud.

I’m a rock star/Yeah, yeah, I’m out of space/I’m a rock star.Untitled

7.Bring In All The Foods Please.

Open the fridge and cupboards,take out all the snacks and cold drinks and eat them like you’ve never eaten anything for week.1d

6.Take Random Selfies.

You need a new profile picture.Okay,let’s take it.You start not this one.oh my god,this one’s so pathetic.not this one also.I’m looking so fat,so not this one also.Yeah it’s perfect ,now the preset.


5.Bathe And Pee With The Bathroom-Door Open.

It is an ultimate pleasure,combined with personal liberation and naughtiness.


4.Check Yourself In The Mirror

Do I look good?Oh yeah,I look the best.Ohh.umm.let’s turn the hair to the oposite side and yeah I still look good.5

3.Talking To Yourself

Hey,you talking to me huh?I know I lost this one but I’ll let him know how strong I’m whenever he calls me for another fight.Ok,self motivation time.I’ll start reading from tomorrow.I’ve to top the class this time.If I read at least 2hrs a day,I can still manage 75%.


2.Fart Out As Loud As You Can.

You’re alone.There’s nothing that can give you as much pleasure as farting out loud can.And yeah it smells so good,no?

7 8

1.Watch Movies

Well,you’re home alone and you are eager to watch some movies.We all know what kind of movies we’re talking about. 😀 😀


Let us know what all things you do when you’re home alone.

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