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10 Things Only An Indian Can Relate To


10 Things Only An Indian Can Relate To

Being Indian is a sentiment. There are certain things that only we, us Indians can do and relate to. Here are the top ten desi things exclusively Indian 😀

 1.  Being okay with pissing in public, but no kissing.


One can stand and urine graffiti the walls, no problemo! But find a couple sharing a kiss and all hell breaks loose!

 2. Adjust


Adjusting, comprimising? Its inherit. We deal with screwed up politics, pot holed roads and reservations. Even when we complain, we still stick by and live with it all on daily basis.

 3. Re-use, re-use, re-use

fuck eh

That brand new tshirt gets donated to younger brother, and then its the victim of Holi’s color abuse and finally retires to being the cleaning cloth. It finds nirvana being an emergency doormat. The soda cans are always water bottles adorning the refrigerator. So basically, almost everything gets re-used.

4. The skill of bargaining


The shopkeeper has already made an irrestible offer. But still,

Mom: How much is this bag?

Shopkeeper: 500 rupees madam

Mom: 500? Too steep. Will you give it for 150?

Shopkeeper: 150? If anybody gives for 150, you can take it for free.

Mom: Okay, keep it with you only then. *fakes annoyance and pretends to walk away*

Shopkeeper: Madam, lets make it 300. You are also happy, I am also happy.

Mom: Nope, 250 max.

Shopkeeper: No madam, 300.

Mom: Okay max is 275.

Shopkeeper: *packs the item* Take madam.

You just CANNOT witness this anywhere else.

 5. Gully cricket is a religion


Nowhere else in the whole wide world will you find a country as obsessed with cricket as India. Every top batsmen now, started off playing cricket on the streets, breaking a pane or two of the neighbours’ windows.

 6. Multilingual, even if not so adapt


We can seamlessly switch between 3-4 languages, and also say “Kannad baralla” in Kannada. Oh, the fluency.

Kannada baralla = “I don’t know Kannada”, in the language.

 7. Negotiate with rickshawaalas


Image source

In India, we live at the mercy of the rickshawaalas. Seldom are they okay with taking you where you want to. Most times, you just have to find someone who is going to the same destination as you do. Good luck!

 8. Making life choices based on Sharmaji’s son


Yes, your cousin Montu is any day smarter than you because he scored 3 extra marks in Mathematics. Look at you, you useless piece of shit.

Sharmaji’s son studies, all the time.

 9. Blaming it all on the cosmos


Stupid Rahu was in that house, obviously you couldn’t clear the paper.

You love that boy? I am so sorry, your kundlis don’t match. Let us just marry you off to the boy with whom you have no compatibility. But hey, kundlis match. FTW!

 10. Rajnikanth


Need we say more?

What are the other just desi things you think are? Let us know! 🙂

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