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10 Things That Indian Society Needs To Change ASAP!


10 Things That Indian Society Needs To Change ASAP!

India is an independent country and it is developing. It has reached new heights in terms of growth and development. But there are many things that required to changed in India for the well-being of the citizens.

1. Respect Women


Indian society should respect women and respect her work. Judging women and comparing her with men is not right. She has the freedom to learn, work and live her life.

2. Corruption

Every individual is assigned to do a work and if he is doing his work, then he is also paid for his service. Then why do people promote bribery?
Corruption should be stopped as dishonesty will lead to the decrement in the development of the country.

3. Reservation Quotas


Reserved seats for people with category certificates should be stopped. People with great skills and capabilities should be allowed to reach the new levels.

4. A Clean India

It is the responsibility of every citizen to keep their country clean.
It is necessary because our personality is equivalent to our country’s cleanliness. Neither spitting on the road is not cool, nor is dumping garbage.

5. Women Safety

Being a part of the society, every woman should be safe in her country no matter wherever she is going. She has the right to be anywhere in the country. Women safety must be ensured.

6. Literacy rate

As many states have more than 90% literacy rate but every individual should be educated. As education is not preparation for life, it is life itself. So the prime motto should be educating the citizens.

7. Strict Rules For Population Control


Population growth in India has reached new heights. It should be controlled by proper family planning. India is suffering from the problem of overpopulation which should be controlled.

8. Education System

Instead of introducing more and more theory knowledge, stress should be emphasized on practical knowledge. Theoretical knowledge is important but it encourages and finally ends up in learning which is of no use. So, changing the education system can help in providing a brighter generation and can create a massive impact on developing our nation.

9. Brain Drain

Talented minds from our country move out in seek of better opportunities. Since they are not properly utilized and due to unavailability of jobs in India lead them to search for the jobs in other countries.

10. Documentation in Government Offices

It should be the responsibility of the government to issue the certificates at the correct time.

These small set of major changes can help in transforming India for a better future.

Can you suggest more ways to make India better? Comment in the section.

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