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10 Things About Life That I Learned From A Prostitute

10 Things About Life That I Learned From A Prostitute RVCJ Media


10 Things About Life That I Learned From A Prostitute

It is said to be a cursed profession but looking at the other side of the coin today I will look at the brighter side and open up about the things they taught me….

1. Life is defined by the choices we make

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Women became prostitutes for many different reasons. How proud are you of all your choices?

2. Don’t judge people by their profession but instead judge them by their character

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A prostitute sells her soul to make a living but most people fake their emotions to deceive others. But still a “kothewaali” is looked upon as characterless and people who fool others are categorized as ‘smart’.
Are we blind?

3. There is no right or wrong but the thinking makes it so

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What if a woman makes a choice to sleep with strangers to feed her only child, when her abusive husband throws her out of the house.
Did she make a mistake or her husband? Think it over.

4. It is a sinful world but they are not sinners

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In the world of corrupt politicians, rapists, murderers or dishonest business tycoons, we usually use the word “sinner” for the whores.
Are you thinking straight?

5. Love cannot buy you life but money can

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Love cannot cure you from cancer and it definitely cannot provide you a roof for shelter. But a woman who decides to become a prostitute to cure her ailing father, who is battling cancer, is degraded by society.
I respect her. Do you?

6. Life is not fair but you have to learn to deal with it


Take a while and look how lucky you are!

7. Sex is not a taboo but our mind has made it one

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Why is sex a taboo? Just because it involves dropping off your pants and being naked with someone you love, or maybe because you delete ‘history’ every time after watching porn to keep your laptop non-adulterated.
Mind is the only sex organ.

8. A man needs a woman, more than a woman needs a man


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A sex worker said, “From auto-rickshaw pullers to white-collared professionals, all come to enjoy us.”
Did she give you a formal invitation to come or you made a choice to satisfy your sexual craving?
Desire is not always a two-way street.

9. If purpose of love is getting into bed then prostitutes are the most propitious lovers


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As the sun sets and her customers multiply, losing all concept of time, she gives herself to a man she hardly knows.
But she never found love. Never.

10. Everyone is a prostitute; some sell what’s between their legs, the rest sell what’s between their ears


So, are you a prostitute?

Do let us know what you learn from the prostitutes, in your comments below.

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