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10 Things We Do When We Are In Love – Your Friends Will Catch You From Below Symptoms!!!

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10 Things We Do When We Are In Love – Your Friends Will Catch You From Below Symptoms!!!

Dost! They are such an integral part of life. They are important in every phase of ours and nothing can beat the bonding and warmth they provide us. They also are mind readers. They end up realizing what’s happening to us even before we tell them! What happens when you fall in love and haven’t told your friends yet? They end up suspecting that we might be in love 😉 Here are ten ways we end up giving away the pyaar mein padh gaya phase 😀

 1. We spend obnoxious time on phone


And the said time is not with them. We are online, but not responding on group chats, neither are we talking to the said friends. When this happens a lot, and the person you’re in love with is simultaneously online (if from the same friend circle), you’re screwed 😀

 2. We are suddenly busy


All of a sudden, we are busy. We are unavailable for impromptu plans and there is always a reason for why we won’t make to social gatherings. What’s cooking?

 3. We put locks on phone – gallery and chats

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Previously, you’re phone was open source. All friends had access to chats and galleries, even if they didn’t want to look at them. Now, you follow the “When I show you something on my phone, don’t swipe left or right” rule. Of course you have stuff to hide – photos and mushy talks and what not 😉

 4. We start saving money

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Daaroo consumption can go to hell, you’ve to save money to gift the special someone. So you start saving money – not much outings, holding tight to wallet strings and being more save-money-mantra in general. Why? Everybody wants to know.

 5. We dress up better


We are suddenly so conscious of what we wear – no more sloppy jeans and teeshirts, faded kurta and flipflops. We dress better and want to look as good as possible.

 6. We listen to romantic songs


This is such a sure shot giveaway! People in love tend to listen to romantic, mushy and sappy music in general. Even if you listen to sappy music most times, you tend to listen to more of it when in love. So if your playlist gets scrutinized, you know you are so caught!

 7. We are most times dreamy and lost in thoughts


Smiling at no apparent reason and being in your own world is also a lovely giveaway that you, my friend, are in love.

 8. We are suddenly conscious of how we are, and want to be better

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Our lifestyle gets better; we want to be presentable all the time and tend to be happier in general. Daal mein kuch kaala hai.

 9. We start asking them indirect opinions about the person we like


Because asking directly will ask rumors, we resort to indirect questions. We want our friends’ opinions on everything, including on the person we love. Discussions are important.

 10. We stop hitting on other random people


We won’t pass comment on every hottie on the road. Even if we check out someone, its unconscious and without any intention.

So dosto, if you are in love and want your friends to not know, make sure you don’t do the pointers listed above. But hey, isn’t it so much more fun if they know? 😉 Let us know!

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