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10 Things We Love About Having Younger Siblings

10 Things We Love About Having Younger Siblings RVCJ Media


10 Things We Love About Having Younger Siblings

We love them, we hate them. We love them again. Younger siblings can be such a pain, but they are also one of the best things that happen to us. Here we list the ten things we love about having younger siblings.

 1. Younger siblings are the first ones to listen to your new found wisdom


You: Don’t ever mix beer, vodka and whiskey. *pukes*

Completely clueless 15 year old sibling: Okay

 2. You get brutally honest opinions


You: See this new hairstyle!

Sibling: Eww your hair is so slick! Did a cow lick it? *rolls eyes*

You: *silently sobs*

 3. Inside jokes on families


Who else to understand better the snark-y relative that is always bothered about your future?

 4. They make you feel younger


With all of their new found coolness. If they approve of your style, you are in trend. Plus, their friend love you.

 5. They make you feel older


You are responsible, more mature and take level headed decisions for them.

 6. They keep your secrets*


As long as you keep theirs. You can be irresponsible. YAY!

 7. They teach you patience


And also invoke the mother in you. You learn to be more understanding and patient whilst dealing with them.

 8. You can be stupid around them


And they won’t judge you for it. They won’t ask you to act your age. WIN!

 9. They are patient listeners


Of all your drunken escapades, broken heart stories. They don’t judge you because they are so much more cooler than you.

 10. They love you unconditionally


and without terms.

Accept the fact that your younger sibling is way cooler than you. Tag them here and let them know you love them.  😀

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