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10 Things To Do Before Meeting A Girl For Arrange Marriage


10 Things To Do Before Meeting A Girl For Arrange Marriage

Are your parents looking a girl for you? Well, if arrange marriage is your cup of tea, I would suggest you take a look at the following points before having a tryst with the girl…

1. “Am I ready for marriage?”

Before making up your mind to meet a girl for marriage, it’s very necessary to ask yourself whether you are really ready to step in a new life, as marriage is a big decision and one of the most important too; so prior to schedule your meeting with her, explore your conscience.


2. Know your preference

Once you made up your mind to get wed, don’t forget to be clear on what kind of a partner you want. Today, many women prefer to work even after marriage, so I recommend that you reach a decision whether your choice is a homemaker or a working woman.


3. Go through her bio-data scrupulously

Since about a decade, the trend of marriage is to look through the bio-data previous to actually meeting the person, so reading her bio-data meticulously is a vital key.


4. Rehearse how you would meet her, greet her and start conversation

Anyone is likely to be nervous on a meeting of this kind, so better option is to practice how you would talk to her, as girls prove to be hesitated in beginning such type of conversation. You might need to start up as well as make her comfortable and for the same, preparation in advance will help you do great.


5. Make a list of topics on which you want her opinion

Prepare a list of questions either on black and white or in your mind that you want to ask her in addition to all other points you want to discuss or talk about. This would assist you come to a better and fruitful verdict in this respect.


6. Be mentally prepared to respect her feelings and abide by her expectations

When you determine to marry and let someone enter your life, brace yourself to accept her decisions and value her priorities too. This would help you both lead a happier life.


7. Decide on your outfit and looks

Get a good hair cut and groom your looks. Additionally, if possible, go for workout and trim your tummy. A tidy appearance makes a good impression. Not only this, get your dress ready in advance too.


8. Acquaint yourself with additional information

Try to know any other extra information about her by your parents and siblings to grasp her hobbies and particulars. This way, you will get to know her better.


9. Get ready for a rapid fire round

As per your assumption, prepare answers for the questions that will be shot on you by her and her parents.


10. Don’t forget to wear a deodorant

Fragrances cast a magical spell on everyone around. Wear a fine deodorant or perfume but make sure it’s not too strong or else it will reduce your impression to rubble.


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We hope now you will be ready & more confident while meeting a girl first time for arrange marriage discussion. You can thank us in comments section below 😉

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