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10 Things That You Might Have To Face If You Will Marry A Working Girl


10 Things That You Might Have To Face If You Will Marry A Working Girl

1. Miss Late Night Fun

She will come late after hectic day in office so she will prefer to sleep early and you know what you will be missing 😉
(And you can only think of – Aisa Zakhm Diya Hai Jo Na Phir Bharega)


No matter how hard you will try, she will never let you come closer to her & you might end up doing some imaginative moves 😀


2. Bossing at home

Since she is boss at office, so chances are high that she will be doing same at home as well. You have no options except listening to her!!!
(Dhobi ka kutta na ghar ka na ghaat ka – Office mein boss se pareshaan & ghar mein biwi se :P)


3. Prepare Food

You might have to prepare food at your own if she gets late
(Kahani Ramu Kaka Ki)


Late hone ka toh bahana hai, agar ghar par bhi huyi biwi toh bhi woh kahegi mujhe office ka kaam hai, tum khana banao 😛


4. Earn same or more Salary

She will earn same or more salary than you and she might show that she is superior than you.
You will also miss the chance to say 3 golden words – Main Kamata Hu 😀


5. Baby Sitting

You will have to do babysitting / take care of children’s.


6. Dare You Say No To Her

She will always do whatever she wants to and she might even impose her taste in food, movies, music and everything else on you. Don’t dare to say NO to her because her scream will make you deaf


7. Zamana Toh Hai Naukar Biwi Ka

She will come late after hectic day in office and she might ask you to do this as well 😉


8. Dance on her fingers

She is earning and working same like you but she is Women, so she can let you dance on her fingers 😉


9. She will hardly go to Maike

Your wife will be working so she will hardly take a leave to go to her parents house.
Aapke kaan taras jayenge yeh sunne ke liye – Main mayke chale jaungi tum dekhte rahiyo 😛


10. Ghar ka samaan even Baby Diapers you have to buy


We suggest you to marry a working Women so that you can tell us few more things to add. If you are married then let us know what all tortures you have to undergo? Feel free to share your views in comments section below.

PS: This article is just for fun purpose and we believe in Women Empowerment. Majak seh sako toh hi yeh article ko padna else you can ignore this article 😉

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