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10 Things Only Morning Persons Will Understand


10 Things Only Morning Persons Will Understand

You see, being a night owl is very common. Most people sleep late and wake up late. But to be someone who wakes up early, seemingly inhumane hours to the night owls, is a feat in itself 😀

Here are ten things that only a morning person can understand.

1. You wake up early and its not as difficult as the world makes it to be.


5 AM? C’mon! Its ALREADY 5 AM!

 2. Sunrises are everyday occurrences.


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Unlike most of your peers, you see the sun rise almost everyday.

3. You are done with most of your work by mid day.

work done

Workout? Check. Breakfast? Done. Ticked off half the To Do list? Oh yes. Your friends are yet to wake up.

 4. You are the human alarm to many.


You are the person that wakes up most of your family members and even friends. Its your responsibility to keep calling the friend until he wakes up. What a log!

 5. You don’t understand how people can sleep in till 11 AM.


I mean, you are up for more than 6 hours now and you couldn’t sleep even if you wanted to. How can you waste all your productivity like that?!

 6. You don’t hate your alarm clock.


In-fact, most times you wake five minutes before the alarm goes off.

 7. You don’t groan to wake up.


You are the ray of sunshine, to the world 😀 You don’t need liters of coffee to make yourself safe around humans. You like waking up, really.

 8. Sleepovers are Satan’s idea.


Because you wake up earliest while all your friends are still in bed. Now, you are bored and hungover. FTS.

 9. Obviously, your night life is over by 9 30 PM.


11 PM is your crash time. Staying out till 1 AM? Are you kidding me? I have to be up at 5 already, dude!

10. Your idea of sleeping in late is waking up at 9 AM.


Your friends think you have issues.

All you morning rays of sunshine, tell us your thoughts. We really, really want to be morning people too. Infact we would be morning people, if morning started around noon!

Tag them people who text you at 6 AM and get mad at you if you don’t reply till 11 30 AM 😛

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